Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December 14th 2005

Seven days ago I started this blog. And only today I got the time to write again.
Been a busy week.
Am doing the event for the Endurance Race... the first of its kind in Bahrain.
And this is the first opportunity to be in the BIC too.
It was a nice feeling to be standing on the track. I imagine all the roars and speeds that
has passed this way over and over.
And this afternoon for the first time in my life I was watching the Formula BMW World Final car race.
Although it was only a practice run, I could feel the adrenalin flowing.
The sound of the engines are deafening. And to see the speed they are going is
like every seconds is a matter of life and death. Its a split second decision...
precision... and how good one is in handling situation. And they said that the race
track is safer than ordinary roads and highways.
They are very young drivers, a Michael Schumacer in the making.

Today we were supposed to hang all the banners and branding...and more branding all over.
The boys were tired but it seems they were enjoying themselves too on the track.

Well tomorrow will be another long day at the Endurance Village. Hope we'll see some fine horses. Its really a toll on the horses... such a long a marathon.
And I wonder if they ever knew whats going on... apart from being urged to run and go faster
and faster in such extreme conditions.
But they are really such fine horses... top of the cream. They are very strong.
I pray for them.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


December 7th 2005

Just like any other day... and only I know it is special to me.
So here is to health...wealth...and happiness...
May all the dreams come true.......!