Thursday, December 31, 2009

31st December 2009

Its the end of another year...!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BQ shades

Found this lovely pair of shades in the blogworld.
Wish I could have a pair.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cool gray saturday

This is one of those very rare days that I am able to relax and spend the day enjoying the cool gray day. Been cloudy since early morning, the sun hiding behind the dark clouds and the sky is drizzling.With the cat sleeping on my lap to keep me warm I am pondering the events that had taken place since more than a month ago that I was unable to write.
The Hari Raya AidilFitri passed without much joy even with relatives and friends that came to visit. It was the first hari raya without my mother. Felt strange without her and of course we missed her a lot. An old friend called to wish me happy Raya and asked how am I doing. So I said I had sad news that my cat died. He told me that he was about to share an even sadder news. A friend from college days passed away in a tragic accident in Gurun Kedah along with his wife and two daughters just a day before Hari Raya. Infact I saw the news on tv, but didnt realised that it was my friend who was involved. That was really shocking and sad, they were all burnt to death in the wreck of their car. I couldnt imagine it.

Last nov 9th marked the first year of my mother's death anniversary. It coincidently fall on the saw day as one of her great grandson's birthday. As I quietly reminesce the memory of my mother, he and the family was having fun celebrating his 9th birthday. Its a totally different world that we are brought up nowdays. As a parent, the father should have taken a more positive role in moulding the kids to respect the elders. What hurt me most was on the day that my mother passed away, the father celebrated his son's birthday. We buried my mother in the afternoon and in the evening he and the kids and his side of the family were happily celebrating, blowing the candles, cutting the cake and having a merry time. A family friend once told me that, I have to be patient and wait fro him ( the father ) to grow up and understand what life is all about. What irked me most is that he is staying and making a living all out of the late lady's inheritance and he couldnt even have a slight respect for her soul. Blimey. And he is the son of the local Imam. When will he realised of his responsibilities towards his wife and children and family? When will he learnt?

So here we are, back to the present day, the weather has not improved. Perhaps a hot cup of tea would help.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Basic browns

This is the coordinated look that I like. Very me!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mubarak

Wishing everyone Eid Mubarak !
We celebrated Eid today with the usual feeling of joy and grateful that we are able to see another Ramadhan through.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

27th day of Ramadhan

The last few days of Ramadhan always is busy as usual with all the last minute preparations. Schools off starting tomorrow till the next next monday. That also means more hectic, headaches, high blood and fainting spells in between. God, Please give me the strength and courage, patience and ability to smile,grin and bear it with dignity. I need them to stay alive.
Yesterday was a marathon day from morning till night. Making cookies, cooking for iftar and the traditional 'dodol'. That took about 6 to 7 hours stirring the mixture till it cooks and thickens in the 'kawah' ( big kwali ) But all the efforts were worth it. By night time, after all the washings and packing were done, we needed panadol extend just to stand straight !
This season only comes only once a year, thus we are ready and looking forward to it, the Blessings, the joy, the fun and all the hard works.
Tonight we light up the oil lamps in the garden in front of the house and kids were ( are ) having a good time.
I could only watch them from my window while trying to finish my sewings for the Eid.

This is the time for children to have fun and the adults having the headaches. In trying to observe the joyous occassion while making the balance sheets works.
Still lots of stuff to be done, before the eve. Thanks to ecards, which I could end to friends. Still theres the green packets waiting to be filled up.

I need my pretty sleep before syahur tomorrow morning. Good nite !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


19th day of Ramadhan is here. Another 10 days to go before Eid. Today we made cookies and jam tarts. The joyous mood of Eid is here, with all the raya songs playing in the background. There was a special feast at the mosque tonight. Weather has not been too kind, been raining almost daily. That hinders my gardening in the mornings. During ramadhan all our schedules changed, can only work in the garden in the morning when it is not hot.

This Ramadhan two of my former school mates lost their beloved husbands, one last week and another a couple of days ago. Although I havent met them since we left school, I feel the sadness. Life is so never know.

Hoping that the days to come would bring more pleasant news, I needed some cheering up.

Monday, September 07, 2009


can be sweet ...
can be stressfull ...
can be like eternity ...

For search of destiny

Friday, September 04, 2009

You Came To Me by Sami Yusuf

Simply a beautiful and mesmerizing song. A gift for Ramadhan.

My favourite Kathira

This is my favourite drink during Ramadhan. Its so yummy and refreshing.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Simple Dress

I found this blue dress and fell in love with it. It comes in a few colours too and the dusky pink is very nice. I was contemplating of buying it but didnt get to do it. And now I am dreaming of it ... Wish I had....
Well..the next time you see something that you like...grab it or you will live to regret it. The best that I could do now is to get it tailored.
Huh ...

Friday, August 28, 2009

Puteri Mandi

Today's dessert is Puteri Mandi. A sweet dish made of glutinous rice with grated coconut and gula melaka.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fifth day of Ramadhan

Rained the whole evening,
That didnt dampen my spirits
As I sit and watch the falling rain
Waiting for Iftar
... with roasted chicken and sardines sandwich wrapped in filo.
and that wonderful hot cup of tea

Got a sad news today
The passing of an old classmate's husband
May his soul rest in peace
Al Fatehah.
Life is so fragile.
So lets treasure what we have ...

Went shopping for Eid
Eyes went starry over all the beautiful dresses with all kinds of scarves and shawls.
Riots of colours
Beads and precious stones ...
Embroideries ...

Nice, nice, nice
But when do I wear them ?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan Kareem

They were sighting the moon this evening to determine when would Ramadhan starts. As always it is exciting to wait for the announcement on tv. The "Penyimpan Mohor Raja Raja Melayu" only appears twice a year on tv to announce the Ramadhan and Eid. Although we all had thought that it will starts on saturday. Kids were ..oohh and aahhs since they have to attend school another day.

Got in touch with a few old friends today just to catch up on some news. And unfortunately one of them is down with H1N1. She is recovering well and I do hope and pray for her good health. She shared with me a couple of tips to combat the H1N1 first it is green apples, just eat it raw or blend it. Second is dates soaked in coconut juice. And of course drink plenty of warm water.
Stay healthy and stay away from crowded placed.
Ramadhan Kareem !

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finally ... the end !

After Four years I finally managed to look at his pictures and feels nothing.
And it feels just great !


This is the end
Of a beautiful love between two people

Between the stars
Are memories of our love
Of warm sunlit evenings
Leisurely strolls
Down old country lanes
Of Tim Hortons coffee and muffins
A sit in the park
And quiet moments on the balcony

I didnt get to see the apple tree
That you promised to plant

These are gone forever
And I can only
Cherish the memory
And look past the stars
Into eternity
And see
A broken heart
behind a locked door

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Your heart is no good
Until it has been broken
At least ten times ...
Love and pain make us human

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The first shop in the world !

An interesting shop, at a latitude of 00'00.4'W in Greenwich.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Latitude and Longitude

Me and my faithfull Clarke that has taken my everysteps up the hill to Greenwich.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Day in Praha

We arrived at Ruzyne International Airport from Stansted on a fine sunday morning. Took a bus and a train to the city and checked into our hotel. We then began our discovery walk. As it was still early, the place was not very crowded. The sight were simply amazing. The whole city is paved and it is like walking through history in the present day.

Praha/Prague is the capital and largest city of Czech Republic. One would often associate Czechoslovakia with Nazi occupation... Stalin...Communism coup...Velvet Revolution...
These are such crucial milestones of the Czech history. But Prague offers more than that. Everybody who visited Prague would instantly fall in love with the place. There is so much history, so much so that you would feel like you are being transported back in time.

Crossing the Charles bridge over the Vltava river took us to the Lesser Town Square. The bridge itself is like walking through an open air museum. Various artists displayed their talents from paintings to carricatures, accessories etc.We then took a tram up the hill to Prague Castle which is one of the largest fortress in Europe.

Befitting its image as one of the World Heritage Site, they have different means and modes of seeing the city, from "walks in Pragues" with tour guides, horse carriage rides, Vintage car rides, and the modern GPS guide !
Souveniers aplenty, but expensive. You find plenty of shops selling amber,garnets and precious stones.

Amongst the old historical buildings and sites, theres the Palladium, a very modern shopping complex. And they are having sales too !

well I got myself a purple suede ankle length boots from a small shop near the hotel.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A short break

I was away for a short break to London and Prague for a week. The trip was planned since last year, but unfortunately the spread of H1N1 the world over has dampened our sprits slightly. Nevertheless we went on as scheduled, with loads of precautionary measures. We brought along facial masks and some medications and a prayer!
when we reached the airport we saw some passengers were already putting on the masks and it was a long and tiring flight. Imagine people eating maggie cup noodles in the flight instead or airline foods! And it was selling at $6 per cup.
We reached Standsted in the evening, still bright and sunny. Took a bus to London and then to our hotel in Paddington. By then Londoners were already having their happy hours drinking beer outside the bars. We reached the hotel, unpack our stuff, had dinner and went straight to bed.
The next morning we woke up early, took a stroll around the area before breakfast and the weather was so nice. That was a great start and we were looking forward to the rest of day and our trip that we forgot about H1N1.
Anyway the first day we went sightseeing around London, places where tourist would normally go. In the afternoon we went to Oxford street looking for good bargains. As usual Oxford street is always very crowded during the summer sales.

Saturday was reserved for the famous Portobello market. True to their name they have lots of interesting goodies, clothes, accessories, antiques, foodstuffs and that slick and fully automated bathrooms with the door panel that rotates.

We also checked out Camden markets which were undergoing with some renovation works in some parts.

A trip to Greenwich was interesting although the walk uphill was an uphill task it was worth it. The museum was really like taking us back in time, with all the antique time pieces,and how it was first created. Thanks to that we now have our new designer timepieces.

After four days in London, we flew to Prague.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I went to a wedding

Its one of those rare occassion when I went to a wedding. Todays wedding happens to be a relative's daughter wo lives nearby. Just a walking distance. So I hauled the kids to accompany me. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon. So that was a bit of a mishap, kind of spoils the happy day. Some people believe that if it rains on your wedding day, it means 'good luck', but some people belives otherwise.
Apart from the special lunch, it was nice to see the relatives of whom we havent met for a while now.

On the homefront we have been busy chasing away the 'monkey'. She seemed to have made her home in one of the 'rumbia' plants. having a full days work of gathering all kinds of fruits during this local fruit season. Durians, rambutans and mangoes which are in abundance right now. If not for the fruits she would hunt all the chickens eggs. And she is not alone, for we ahve seen a few more in the area. A male and babies too. Fun to observe their behaviour and they are actually very smart. Its their surviving technique I guess. Although they are a nuisance I havent got the heart to call Bomba ( rescue team ) to take them away. I just wish she/they would move to another location, another greener pastures with lots more fruits and eggs.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its school holidays again

Its that time of the year again. Term break for two weeks began since yesterday. Good to have them around but that also means more work and chores to be done. Mountains of dishes to be cleaned. Sinks seem to be forever full.
They have gotten a new hobby now. Fishing ! And they have caught a few since yesterday. Not bad considering its kids efforts. Dont ask how their t-shirts and jeans look like. Washing machines would reject them right away.
I am finding myself with less time to touch the PC, let alone write anything in my blog. Got another set of kitty to take care of as well. 2 girls and a boy. None take after their mother.
So in between all that cooking, washing, gardening and taking care of my pets I am trying to put it a picture from my garden. May not be a daily routine, but hopefully more often.

This "Sepuleh" plant is from my front garden.

Friday, May 01, 2009

First of May

First of May always had been a day with sweet thoughts for me. An old movie and the song by Bee Gees always brings back memories.
But today time has changed. Many things had passed us by. Just another day to be observed. Looking at things and trying to understand all the "why" which I sometimes failed to understand whats in their thoughts.
A lady who is a close relative,having a not so responsible husband, struggling to make ends meet and bringing up four kids is not an easy task. I still wonder why there are guys who take things easy and dont bother about bringing up their kids the proper way.
Or maybe we have been "being there for them" all the time, so much so they are taking things for granted.
On this first of May, I wish that he would grow up and take responsibilities to be a good husband a father and having some respect where they are due.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This is one fruit that is really very tempting to me. I would buy it whenever I see them in the market. It is seasonal and only available somewhere during the local fruit season. There are two types of binjai, one which is sweet and another of sweet and sour.
You can eat it on its own ( which is mouthwateringly good ! ) or the sweet and sour type is more for cooking and making "sambal".

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting In Touch Again

A few days ago, I finally made it to the phone and call on an old friend,and a former schoolmate. It was a welcome surprise to both of us and had a lot of catching ups to do. How time has passed us and lots of things had gone by. Through her I managed to hear some good news, happy news and sad news as well. Good and happy news to learn that everyone in our batch had done well for themselves and making a niche in the corporate world, both in Malaysia and overseas. But sadly and shocking to know that some good friends had passed away and at such a young age.
That phone call was like magic, that supplied me with the latest info and a ticket to join their online groups. Its so nice to be able to trace your friends from school days time. Reminds me of the movie "To Sir With Love". Reminiscing of all the good times that we had in our boarding school. That was the best part of my life.

I asked her if theres still anybody "single" amongst us, she said YES ! Gee so I am not alone like a freak, not having a "Director" or somebody with a tittle as a hubby.

Monday, February 16, 2009

In the news today

What a surprise to read this in gulfnews today.
"No market for prostitution in Bahrain, official says"

According to the news an officer denied there was a market for prostitution in Bahrain.
I couldnt help myself but to smile on this.
We knew ... everybody knew ... the stories and what is happening in town.
Some people chose not to acknowledge it, but we can hear and see.
Just go down to one of the night spots,sit back and observe the scenes.

I wonder if there is a country in the world that is free of prostitution at all.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Like a river
Will cut a new path
Whenever it meets an obstacle

Like a river
Flows ...
Leaving sands behind

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Do we still celebrate the New Year ?

Do we still celebrate New Year ? Not anymore.
Gone were the days when we waited for the clock to strike 12 at midnight.
Gone were the days of having a New Year's Eve feast and parties.
Gone were the days of putting up decorations and traditional rites to bring in the New Year.
I could still remember a friend who told me to get twelve numbers of different fruits and arrange them in a big bowl for good luck. Another would hang a bunch of grapes at the door.
Gone too are the sms on the mobile phones.
It was a very quiet evening for us. No fuss. Infact it went almost unnoticed. Just like another day in our lives. No particular significance.
I guess, time has changed. I have changed. Migrated.
Looking back things have turned around almost 360 since the past two years. Lots of water has gone under the bridge. Nothing lasts forever, but the earth and the skies.
Nobody cares nor talk about new year resolutions anymore. For we dont need the beginning of a new year to make new resolutions.

"Time" certainly had healed a few scratches. And in time, all would be gone with the wind.
For those that had touched my life, some have gone forever into nothingness, some had "Rest in Peace" in the shoe boxes, but a few had remain dear in my heart.

Happy New Year to everyone...!