Saturday, September 22, 2007

From the day we were born ...

Had a chat recently with a friend who was waiting for the result of a biopsy test. I was expressing my concern about his health and well being. The repercussion is great and if not treated it could lead to a lot of side effects. I was definitely worried.
But he seems to be taking it well... or he was able to hide his fear and taking it all in his strides.
He said.."From the day we were born...we start dying"
When I look back to what he has occured to my mind that there is some truth in it. Although life begins and we journey through our lives...we are actually walking towards that inevitable end. Eventhough we do not know when or where it would end. Nor how much time we have to pursue all our dreams and enjoy what life has to offer.

But at the same time I would like to share another friend's more positive quote..."Each day we are closer to meeting our soulmate". This is for those who are still searching for the love of their live. So if one relationship breaks, there will be another coming along sooner or later. Waste not time dwelling in the past but to look forward to the future, although very uncertain, there could be a rainbow at the end. Just be prepared for the rain or storms.

Monday, September 10, 2007

WHO .......?

Who is blind ?
- The one that cannot see another world.
Who is dumb ?
- The one who cannot say a kind word at the right time.
Who is poor ?
- The one who is plagued with too strong desires.
Who is rich ?
- The one whose heart is contented.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

"No One is perfect. I am No One."

Someone really said that ...

I have met a lot of conceited people in my life and in most occasions they turned me off. I just could not stand conceited people.They got on my nerves. But my former boss thought they are brilliant. To him these are 'go-getters' and highly confident.
I dont mind if they are really good in what they are doing. They seemed to have found their own opinion and think highly of themselves and their works.I met one designer who is really good and highly creative and his clients would listen to every word he says. He has found a niche for himself and creating a name that is synonymous with "success"
At the same time I have met a lot of designers who think that their work is great but it is actually not. It is how people perceived your work and how clients look at them. But is always subjective. One man's meat can be someone else's poison.
Still..there is no reason to show off, most of you have yet a long way off and far from being that "perfect"

So ...When No One is Perfect and you being the No One...then you are just a No One. You are just a nobody.