Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today's Thought 300107

January 30th 2007

Life is not meant to be a struggle, but a balanced and joyful journey.

Always there is an answer.
When you run up against a wall, don't look down and curse.
Look up and reach for an even higher, even better possibility.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Be Optimistic

January 29th 2007

Today is a public holiday here, but we have to work since there are a lot of works to be completed in a week's time. Stress for everyone to meet the deadline and to deliever in a week's time. Another long weekend burnt.

Todays discovery...

A coversation with a colleague this morning.
" How are you miss... ? "
" Not good...just not good"
" You should be more optimistic la...dont say not good all the time "

This is something which I need to fight with my inner strength. Not to give up just because someone has "marked" you and doing her best to belittle and oust you.
It is better to have fought and lost rather than give up and let her win.

Yesterday someone resigned and left. Today someone else will leave.
The turnover rate is high. Hope the management will open up their eyes and identify the reasons for people leaving at such frequent rate. They should not be blinded and listen to only one side of the story. Putting the blame on someone is easy, practising "Taichi" is even easier. The CID is a blackbelt holder and Taichi Expert !

So..hang in there my friend ! The road is never smooth. Keep trodding and we shall reach our destination and goal. Ride the bumps. Enjoy the view. Keep looking behind your shoulder. The boomerang will return to the sender...!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

If I could ...

January 27th 2007

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend. A spiritual guy who reminded me that all that we have is from God, and no one have the right to take anything away from us.
I was wishing that I had a magic wand. If only... I can wave the wand and make a wish...
" You... who harbours wicked thoughts and suppressing the others...shall go away ..."
He was shocked... you want to make them go away ?
What do you mean by "go away" ?
"oh...sensing that he thought I am as wicked... I said..go away means... just stay away from my life...do not bother me again"

Only God May send down His rewards, good or bad...you shall be rewarded fairly.

Could this be another turning point in my life ?
Perhaps God sent her to cross my path, just to make me realise, there is more to life... that it is time to move on.

Perhaps I should give it more thoughts. As long as God gives you the gift of "life"... God will provide for you. Remember Him and keep Him near to your heart always.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cold cold heart...

January 25th 2007


A coupple of days ago, I was summoned to see the AGM for a "chat"
Normally if he called me for a chat that means there has been a "feedback" ( to put it nicely ) but I see it more as a complain.
It began with...
" I see that you are very stressed... what has been the cause ?
" Is the workload too much...that you cant cope ?"
" Are you too new in this sector that you need more time to prove yourself ?"

I am stressed...YES...big time !
To the point that I dont feel like going to the office ( I have had this feeling eversince they wanted me to shift and be with the rest of the sales/project team)
Reason being there is CID officer sitting next to me on my left that is keeping a hawkeye on me all the time. This makes me feel so uneasy and I hate it when someone is keeping tab on my every move, everyword that I type, every page that I view, every email that I sent.
Whenever I asked her a question she would reply me with..
"Its your project now...you are handling it"
"Dont you read the quotation ?"
or she would say...
"You didnt add this...that..!"

The way I see it... she is always ready to pounce at the slightest glitch.

She can make mistakes but she doesnt tolerate others making mistakes.

I hate it when someone throw a project at you without a complete briefing.
If there is something that you are not sure or want to double check, you will get a snarl.
We had to find out a lot of things the hard way. Making mistakes and groping and struggling. When infact a lot could have been saved if only she had given a complete briefing.

So last night after coming back from the hall, I shifted my monitor screen so she could not observe every word that I type.
Wonder if she got the message ?

Cold, cold heart..!

It's a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptation's strong

Into the boundary
Of each married man
Sweet deceit comes calling
And negativity lands

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

And it's no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It's two hearts living
In two separate worlds
But it's no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It's no sacrifice at all

Mutual misunderstanding
After the fact
Sensitivity builds a prison
In the final act

We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns

Monday, January 22, 2007

My name is Tanya for a week !

January 22nd 2007

After 4 days in the hall daily from 8am till midnight, I finally am back in the office again. It went about without much bad incidents but enough to make me think...what am doing here, why should I endure this kind of stress..?
Is it worth it ?

The grumpy old gentleman.
He came to inspect his stand and deliver the graphics. He told me that he had left the graphic box near the entrance and someone need to collect and bring it in. So I walked with him to the main entrance, saw the box..! he told me that he couldnt carry the box, for fear it might dirty his blazer. I glanced at his beige blazer...so vain !
I then picked up the box and try to carry it alone ( its not that heavy ) I guess he felt bad or embarrassed, so he offered to help me carry the box by holding on to the other end. After giving me "strict" instructions, he left. I told him to come back the next day after 1pm, by then his stand should be fully complete. He came around 4pm the next day with lots of stuff to fill up the fridge. He opened up the boxes and gave me a a few souvenier items..! Not bad for a grumpy old man. He keeps calling me "Tanya"..eventhough I told him my real name.
And he still thinks that my name is "Tanya"...until today..!
Ah well...Tanya..it is for a week.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Maal Hijrah

January 20th 2006

Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah 1 Muharram 1428H.
Weather has been bad, cold and unforgiving.
The morning started ok but got colder towards the evening.
The hall did not turn on their heater and we had to suffer till midnight.
Woke up this morning feeling like having a flu.
Another public holiday gone to waste.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cold ... as ice

16th January 2007

There is a cold draft
wheezing in from my left
Like ice
Too cold to touch

Like stone
Too hard



When one fine day

The ice will melt

The stone will crumble

What is left
but ... cold bruised ego
before you too

I wonder why ...

January 16th 2007

I wonder why
I wonder how ...

People will not feel at ease when they see you have got something more than what they have.

There is always "someone" acting like a private eye in any office, watching everybodys back...and of course its a free service.

I still dont understand why people can be nice with you but backbiting about you with others.

People are power hungry ... unsatiable hunger to show they are calling the shots.

People get the satisfaction of looking at someone being thrown to the deep end of the pool and watch with glee if that someone can float and swim back.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another rave

January 11th 2007

How often have you had to swallow your pride and apologize for something that is not totally your fault ?
How often have you had to cover for someone or take the blame on someone's behalf just because you want to appease someone ?

Life is funny. Life is complicated. Life becomes not funny when you are at the receiving ends.

Like a rubber ball
No matter where they throw you
You will always bounce back !
The harder they throw you
The higher that you will fly and soar ...!

Still I feel like crushing " the two goons " like a cockroach...!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Autumn Fair is here again

January 7th 2007

Autumn Fair is in town again. It is crowded as usual and still with the same stuff. There is no attraction like a few years back when we had the acrobatic team performing here.
But the stall selling leather jackets and comforters are making brisk business, probaly due to the cold weather in Bahrain right now.
There is one small stand that is worth mentioning, of local talents displaying their creative crafts and handmade jewellery.
I bought a few pieces on the opening day and had been visiting her stall daily.
If anyone feels like having a day out to get caught in the traffic and like a crowded hall... please feel welcome to Autumn Fair !

Some of her paintings on display

Her beautiful handmade jewellery, one of a kind.
And she calls it "junk jewellery "

The artist and designer at their booth

Lightings and chandelliers from Egypt

The ice cream man !

Monday, January 01, 2007

First day of 2007

January 1st 2007

What a wonderful morning !