Saturday, June 20, 2009

I went to a wedding

Its one of those rare occassion when I went to a wedding. Todays wedding happens to be a relative's daughter wo lives nearby. Just a walking distance. So I hauled the kids to accompany me. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon. So that was a bit of a mishap, kind of spoils the happy day. Some people believe that if it rains on your wedding day, it means 'good luck', but some people belives otherwise.
Apart from the special lunch, it was nice to see the relatives of whom we havent met for a while now.

On the homefront we have been busy chasing away the 'monkey'. She seemed to have made her home in one of the 'rumbia' plants. having a full days work of gathering all kinds of fruits during this local fruit season. Durians, rambutans and mangoes which are in abundance right now. If not for the fruits she would hunt all the chickens eggs. And she is not alone, for we ahve seen a few more in the area. A male and babies too. Fun to observe their behaviour and they are actually very smart. Its their surviving technique I guess. Although they are a nuisance I havent got the heart to call Bomba ( rescue team ) to take them away. I just wish she/they would move to another location, another greener pastures with lots more fruits and eggs.