Monday, December 29, 2008

Maal Hijrah - 1 Muharram 1430

First day of the Muslim New Year.
As usual it was celebrated with saying a prayer for the coming year. Hopefully it will be a year full of Blessings.
Wonder what Allah has in store for us all. One thing for sure, things are not looking too bright. Although we have to remain positive and think of that whatever happens, it happens for a reason(s)
Weatherwise, the weather has been gloomy since morning. But it is slightly better than the heat for the past week which was so dry. Its time to have that wonderful cup of tea.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Remembering my dear Mother .......

Been three weeks since my mother passed away. I missed her tremendously. Its like theres a kind of emptiness within me, within the house. Every spots reminded me of her, her bedroom, her chair, places where she used to sit, right down to every little things. My regret is that I was not able to spend more time with her, even from the time I was growing up. In the early days I was off to a boarding school when I was thirteen yrs old, then to college, and then to an away working life. The only time spent with her during those times were school holidays,monthly visits and vacations. Its only since March last year that I decided to come home and stay with her.I am glad that fate has played a hand and that I was able to be with her till her last days. Or I wouldnt have forgiven myself for being so selfish.

Looking back, at how difficult it must have been for her, being a single parent after my father passed away. She did the best she could in her own way. And I couldnt thank her enough. Nothing in this world would measure up to all her hard work and sacrifices. Its only when I started working that I managed to ease away her burden.
But I still wish that I would have done for more her. I feel as if I havent thanked nor repay her enough. Although everybody knew that she was happy when I finally came home to stay. Thats the only consolation that I have, that I was able to care for her personally towards the end.

What I have now is only memories to treasure. Snippets of life, like a reel of films playing in my head.
Her presence will always stay in my heart and in my prayer every single day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Of a dream and renewed hope

Reading an article in the gulf news recently has given me a huge inspiration to my dying dreams. A middle aged grandmother made her teenaged dream of owning a harley came true. That after much hardships that she has gone through before she came to Abu Dhabi. Finally she got her dream machine and having a good life in Abu Dhabi.
We just will not know where the road takes us nor what it has in store at the end. Inspired. Inspired. Never lose hope.

Most of us dream, few of us pursue them and very few of us make them a reality.

Ramadhan came and gone. Eid was celebrated on a modest scale. There was simply not enough hours in a day to finish all the chores. No matter how I tried to schedule my hours, it seems endless. Everything screeming for attention at the same time.
The whole month was chaotic, in trying to prepare for iftar and reap the Blessings of Ramadhan. Our only hope is that we would see another Ramadhan.

Now that the holiday season is over, it is time to get back on the road again. Mend the fence and take care of my garden which has been abandoned for the whole of last month. Hopefully the mulberry tree will be fruits soon. All the seedlings that I planted would sprout hopefully, the orchids continue to bloom, and all the plants remains green.
Yesterday we were blessed with another four kittens. Mother and child(s) are doing great. Till she gets pregnant again.
Its now time too to enjoy the Raya cookies, they seem to taste better after the Eid.

It rained this evening, so it is a bit cool tonight.
With nice cup of hot tea for companion.

Now ... would there be a harley for me ?

Friday, August 08, 2008


Another good day with good numbers. One that is to supposedly bring "good luck" ...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Thy Neighbours

Its that time of the year where you just have to love your neighbours.

Fruit season is here again to whet your appetite and enjoy that durians, rambutans, mangosteens, dukongs, langsat, mata kucing etc. I think I had a bit too much of the durians this year. We had so much excess after distributing them to the neighbours and relatives. We even made some "tempoyak" and "lempok". Both are sort of ways to preserve the durian, one with salts and another with sugar. So this will keep for a year till the next season.

Speaking of my lovely neighbours, one in particular whose house is right across the road from us. From her house she has a good view of all the other houses and she sort of keep watching them like a hawk. Not even an event goes without her noticing it. She would soon come over to get the exclusive rights..!

Even a small matter like when I had the nursery lady to deliver some potted plants, she came over to inspect. Good thing is that we get to hear the latest news and gossips from her. She seems to know the latest story and whats happenings amongst the community.She couldnt bear it if someone else has better or much more than her and her children.

She would come to the house at odd times, most of the time when we are busy with household chores thus delaying us and taking our time when we need to rush. She has nothing to do at home, she must be bored so she has to go round and broadcasting some news.

Beside her we have some good neighbours around. Yesterday they came with another big sack full of fruits. The other day another neighbour came bearing a plate of freshly steamed apam with kuah gula durian which was really yummy.

No matter what happens we have to be nice to the neighbours, for they are our relatives and we all need one another in a community. Sometimes we just have to smile and grin it off. One thing for sure, what goes round comes around.
It is better to be an observer at the sidelines. Reserved your comments for it might be misunderstood. Look, Listen and Smile...!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My "To Do List"

After visiting Abu Fares's blog, I am compelled to write my "TO DO LIST"
Since I have a long "TO DO LIST" I would just simplify them.
What I want were just some simple things in life although I am not fortunate enough to have the luxury to achieve them. Not Yet anyway.

1) Current and top most on my agenda is my garden landscape.
I have always wanted to build a water feature, with lush greenery and lots of
aquatic plants. The Balinese style fascinates me. Serene and suitable for
our tropical climates.

2) To have my very own vegetable and herbal patch. I have started this at the back
of the house and it is coming up quite nicely. I would spend a couple of hours in
the morning to tend to my garden, usually after breakfast. Sweating it outlike a
routine exercise. We have enjoyed the pleasure of cooking fresh vegetables from
our back garden.Still I would really like to add more to my list of herbal plants.

3) Travelling to see places of interest.Amongst the places that I would like to
see are the works of Gaudi in Spain, The city of Petra in Jordan and the
mediterranean countries.

4) Pick up on my painting. Always have the desire to paint but do not have the
time to do it. My love for Naive Art started with a collection of childrens
paintings, in all their childlike simplicity and innocennce. As an adult we
could not get that style. So the closest we can get is through Naive Art.

5) Jewellery and accessories design. I learnt the art of Chinese knots and have done
a few pieces. I have always been fascinated by ethnic jewellery. I should be
taking that jewellery making classes ... but When ?

6) Upgrade my knowledge. I still have a lot to learn and study. Knowledge never
ends. It seems is parrallel with our lives. I gave up the idea of paper chase,
sometime back but just being content with reading without any pressure of

7) To own a Harley. This remains my dream. The engine sounds reverbrates in my
mind ,in my solace. You could hear it from a mile away. It never stops to
fascinates me. The memories flooding back. Nothings gonna change my love for you.

There goes my list, it is doable if I have the time and energy.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its been a while.

Its been a while since I was able to write anything here. I kept telling myself that I would write something today, but I end up curling on my bed with my new room mate...a Siamese cat. My nephew picked her up from her temporary home (under the lorry) where she has spent four days wondering about. Apparently her previous owner abandoned her or she ran away from home. We never knew. But it is our gain actually since she is a lovely cat and so sweet too.
Apart from that, my herbal patch is coming up nicely, plus the grass has become thicker and greener due to the almost daily rainfall. Good and bad. I dont need to water the plants much. But the grass is thriving better than the flowers and plants.
The seasonal fruit trees are flowering now, soon bearing fruits; Its going to be that time of the year again.
A good friend will be flying to Dubai on sunday, to start on his new job. Lucky fella. Looks like the job market is so good in Dubai now. Everyone seems to be heading there.
I am still stuck here,procastinating things.

Ah well..theres a huge basket of fresh ripe tomatoes in the kitchen which my neice brought home, I should be thinking of what to do with them.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Arrow roots

The CNY season brings about plenty of seasonal delicacies. And this arrow root is one of them. Through a recommendation from a friend we bought some arrow roots and made some chips. This is the first time that we tried and tasted the arrow roots. All you need to do is to slice them thinly and fry them. You dont need to add anything to it. It is very delicious and crispy. Tastes sweeter than potato chips.
In no time the chips all disappeared from the plates.
You could also stir fry them with chicken. I didnt have the opportunity to try it yet but I could imagine the taste.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Happy CNY to everyone.
Hopefully there will be more cheese this year ... !

Monday, February 04, 2008

Of rainy days and comfort food

The last few days weather has been moody and it often rains in the evenings. I love it since I dont have to water the plants. Spent the morning clearing up a patch in the back yard and digging some tapioca. Tapioca relates back to the good old days and it was a staple food during the japanese occupation. Life was hard then ( according to stories from our grandmothers )
There was not enough rice so the village folks grew tapioca. Infact the humble tapioca is very versatile. A lot of dishes and cakes can be made from
the roots. But an all time favourite is just to boil them and eat it with some fresh dessicated coconut and brown sugar. And some hot black coffee to go along. Better still have it on a rainy afternoon. It definitely will warm up the soul. This is just some simple pleasure of the village folks.

The tapioca roots.

The boiled tapioca served with fresh dessicated coconut.

The lucky bamboo for chinese new year celebration. Holiday season is here again.
Welcome RAT !

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A postal glitch

This is what the Government claimed of an efficient postal service !
I received a letter which has been opened. It is one of those letter where you tear on the perforated sides. When I received it, I noticed that on one side it has been torn about a third in length. When I turned to the back I noticed that it has been opened on both sides and one could have read all the contents. Looks like it has been done by someone well practiced.

Perhaps this person(s) has been doing it often. I think they targetted certain letters to gain some information on individuals. They very well know the contents of such letters from the Govt bodies, through the address on the envelope. Perhaps the Govt bodies never realised that the letters could be tampered with. Or nobody has ever complained or they just keep deft ears about the matter.
I called the local Post Office and the lady directed me to call a Postman masters to lodge a complain. I did all that and the guy was telling me that he would investigate.
This is his way of investigation.
He called up the postman who delivered letters in my area, to come and see me. The postman said he didnt realised that the letter has been opened, and asked if anyone has opened it before I got the letter. I was the one who picked the letter from my letter box, so it could not be anybody in my area.
Normally if mails had been damaged the Post Office would seal the letter in plastic envelope and stamped it with "Damaged upon receipt" ( Well this was in another country actually ) Here it is different. Nobody cares. So I told the postman should anything happened I would hold The Post responsible.
There could be a few possibilities.
*It could have been opened right from the beginning at the Government Office.
*Someone who sort out letters at the Post Office opened it, out of curiousity or working for syndicates.
*The postman himself.

Then I heard stories a few times the postman in my area has been caught red handed stealing money from the letters. Money is not supposed to be posted in envelopes anyway, But Postmanm are not supposed to steal either. was just my hard luck !

On the homefront the weather has been so warm and dry. The year has not started right. Misunderstandings... miscommunications ... mismanaged ...and the list would go on and on. Enough said.

I just wish some "people" would grow up and start to think so as not to offend the others.Its not easy living with a big extended family.
I have to try to keep quiet, keep my mouth shut and keep to myself. The less I say would be the better.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A wake up call ...

When life flashes just before you ...

I had a harrowing experience a week ago when the car I was travelling in skidded and came to a halt just in time to stop us from going down. It was a new highway linking it to the airport. We passed a few tolls which were still under trials. The road was badly design and constructed. It does not need an engineer to testify it, any driver would know. PLUS realised about the problems after several accidents had happened at the same spots. Alas they couldnt do anything to rectify it since the road has been completed. All they managed to do is to put up a speed limit of 50 km/hr. Who would have noticed the road sign and obscure notice?
That fateful evening it rained and we were on the way to the airport to pick up someone. It happened in a split second, the car skidded, I could see the deep drain down and the only thing that saved us from going down was the metal railings on the road. The back tyre of the car got stuck to the railing and we quickly got out of the car. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt.
Whaile waiting for PLUS and the tow truck to come several more cars had the same problems at the very same spot. It was like a bad dream or watching a movie, one after another the cars skidded. The tow truck came in a jiffy, its as if they were hiding somewhere nearby waiting for prey. They were extremely helpful, offering to take one of the girl to hospital and lending us their car to continue our journey to the airport.

We started thinking, were there a syndicate from the tow truck and the workshops ? Since they passed some questionable remarks to the luxury cars that were involved in the accidents. They would take the original parts and replaced them with others or fakes. And definitely the tow truck business were making cash. And at the expense of someone's life ?

Another friend who passed by later noticed some oil spills on the road. Could that have added to the cause of accidents ?
A jaguar skidded and punctured all four tyres. Is it fair to purposely set up something like this that endangered peoples life, just so you can make money out of peoples misfortunes? No doubt everyone was covered by insurance, but someone could have died in the process.

It was scary. My mind is still fresh with the thoughts. I kept thinking that it could have been worst. God still spare us our lives which I am very thankful.

Could it be a wake up call ? Or a gentle reminder ?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The very First day of 2008

Wishing you
A new year that's filled
With all the excitement
Of living each day
To the fullest...!

The new year is here again.
First of January ...
It is just another date ...
Another day
Like yesterday ...

Everywhere Everyone is celebrating with a big bang, with wines flowing freely, hugs, kisses and all the good wishes.It was merry. It was joyous.
Everyone Everywhere seems to be greeting and wishing all the best of wishes for the new year.

For me it was a quiet evening at home. Talking to my best belg friend. Remembering the good old times. Going down memory lane. One beautiful summer ... !

And now, the first day of the new year is almost over, I am wondering what would the new year be like ? What is in store for us all ?
Will I be Blessed with all my dreams coming true ?

Que sera sera ...
What will be ... will be
The futures not ours to see
Que sera sera ...