Sunday, July 27, 2008

Love Thy Neighbours

Its that time of the year where you just have to love your neighbours.

Fruit season is here again to whet your appetite and enjoy that durians, rambutans, mangosteens, dukongs, langsat, mata kucing etc. I think I had a bit too much of the durians this year. We had so much excess after distributing them to the neighbours and relatives. We even made some "tempoyak" and "lempok". Both are sort of ways to preserve the durian, one with salts and another with sugar. So this will keep for a year till the next season.

Speaking of my lovely neighbours, one in particular whose house is right across the road from us. From her house she has a good view of all the other houses and she sort of keep watching them like a hawk. Not even an event goes without her noticing it. She would soon come over to get the exclusive rights..!

Even a small matter like when I had the nursery lady to deliver some potted plants, she came over to inspect. Good thing is that we get to hear the latest news and gossips from her. She seems to know the latest story and whats happenings amongst the community.She couldnt bear it if someone else has better or much more than her and her children.

She would come to the house at odd times, most of the time when we are busy with household chores thus delaying us and taking our time when we need to rush. She has nothing to do at home, she must be bored so she has to go round and broadcasting some news.

Beside her we have some good neighbours around. Yesterday they came with another big sack full of fruits. The other day another neighbour came bearing a plate of freshly steamed apam with kuah gula durian which was really yummy.

No matter what happens we have to be nice to the neighbours, for they are our relatives and we all need one another in a community. Sometimes we just have to smile and grin it off. One thing for sure, what goes round comes around.
It is better to be an observer at the sidelines. Reserved your comments for it might be misunderstood. Look, Listen and Smile...!

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