Friday, June 30, 2006


Friday June 30th 2006

It is always another friday here. Laundry done...!!! So today's mission is to clean my room and start packing for my vacation.
Yesterday was a disaster day where moods flared and everyone pissed off. I was specially pissed off with JAF with her comments. Of late she has been passing remarks without thinking who she is reporting to. Its funny though when someone gets conceited and forget how things started, forgot who hired her and gave her the opportunity to work here. Its a classic case of being ungrateful.
Someone who forgets and does not respect the ranks and files in any organisation.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

A day in Qatar

In Qatar again.

Trips to Qatar is always tiring.As usual we take the first flight out and last one in. Had to wake up at 4.30am to get ready for the airport.We arrived at 8am and since we had some time to spare we went fo breakfast at Movenpick. Then we went to our first appointment and then we went to the museum to do some researh.First to Qatar National Museum, then on to The Weaponry Museum.The visits are by appointments only. There is a very extensive range of collections housed in three double storey villas and still more in their storage.It is an impressive collection and most of them are antiques.Cannons, swords, guns and rifles, spears, bows and arrows, knives and armours. I cant imagine how one can wear those heavy armours. Or it goes to show that those guys in the olden days are much stronger and fit. After the museum, we had another appointment before we went for lunch at the Doha Club. The restaurant is on the second floor and so the guys had some good opportunity to look at the girls swimming in the pool. We had a nice spread of mezzeh and grilled seafood and lambs.Actually the mezzeh can be a meal on its own.After lunch we dropped by at the exhibition hall to check on the build up and we had a couple of hours to kill so we stop over at cityCenter. I like it here since I can go to my favourite shop, Mikyajy. Got some scented candles from Homecenter too.Then somebody wanted to watch the world cup telecast, so on to the Rydges. When we got there the match has already started and it was packed with the English supporters. It was a game between England and Equador. I only know the no 7jersey , Beckham. Not really my favourite place to be, I hate the smokey atmosphere, and I am drowned in the crowd and tall guys.Good game I supposed, sinced England won the match 1-0.Match over and we had to rush to the airport to catch the flight back home. It was so crowded, but luckily we had checked in earlier for to and fro. Our lucky evening, since we were upgraded to bussiness class. One of the guy said..." at least I could get to drink the orange juice from a glass" He had complained earlier of not enough leg room for his long legs and the uncomfortable seats.And lately we all been having neck ache, since he is so tall. He joked about it and tell everyone that I am at his waist...!!!
Oh boy... was it a long day ... was so tired when we finally reached home.

Friday, June 23, 2006

My new home

June 23rd 2006

Its been three days since I moved to my new place. Still a bit more to do, but it is a liveable condition. I am going to love this place and hopefully i can throw out some of the junks that I have collected over the years. And this morning, I did 3 batches of laundry and will have to spend the whole day cleaning up the place. My back is aching and I feel so tired. Tired but happy.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday "O"

June 22nd 2006

We had dinner last night to celebrate a collegue's birthday.
The theme was a "singapore food nite" and we had so much fun and ease away a bit of the homesickness. Feels like home but not quite home.
There was chicken rendang, nasi impit, sambal tumis sotong, chicken curry, fish, prawns fritters, and prawn noddles and char kway teow. We forgot all about vege..!!
For dessert we had trifles and fresh fruits.
Since the birthday boy didnt like sweet sambal, so I had to make it extra hot, and the "guys" who couldnt take spicy food, were brave enough to try their luck. Their faces became so red and wish they had A/C built in in their body...!!
The birthday cake was marvellous, its ice cream coffee cake.You need to push aside the toppings since it was too sweet. Wish I could make such nice cakes. But my trifles received a good review, so its not too bad, since its a last minute effort.
I was so tired from moving to a new place that I had to go home early.Got home just in time to see the " so you think you can dance". Its so wonderful to see those guys dance and I particulary like the lyrical jazz. It was beautifully choreographed and the dancers were very good as well. Looking forward to see the final competition.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My all time favourite song ... Such a history ...
Its a song that reminds me of my late Brian.Brings back so much memories...
so much love... so much pain ... so much much to treasure...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Advertisement slaves

June 16th 2006

Was doing my usual friday grocery shopping at Jawad this afternoon, when I chanced to see the new close ups on the shelvings. I saw the advertisement on tv and it looks cool. Was just wondering if the products were as good and fun as what was shown on tv.
So I grabbed all three flavours... Choco Loco, Tangerine Burst and Luscious Lychee.
I have tried fruit flavoured toothpaste before ... ( for children...!!!)
and chocolate flavoured toothpaste ? I keep asking myself, how does it feel to brush your teeth with chocolate ?
Well... if you wish to stop eating chocolate... you can try this toothpaste. I feel like throwing up.
If the choco Loco is anything to go by, the other two... I guess..there goes the toothpaste down the drain...!!!
But the apple flavoured toothpaste is much better.

The moral of the story is ... advertising did play a role to influence buyers.
If you are lucky you get a good product. If not consider it as a donation. At least you had it and you dont need to wonder if it is good.
You win some ... you lose some ...

Recipes for today

June 16th 2006

Today I tried a new recipe and it turned out really well.
Its chicken fried with egg... (direct translation..!!)
Ingredients: chicken fillet, onions,garlic,ginger, oyster sauce, soya sauce, sesame oil, lemon juice and cili padi ( lots of it if you like it hot...!)
Blend the onions/garlics and ginger. heat up the frying pan, fry the ginger garlic onion paste till it gives you a nice aroma. Put in the chicken pieces and fry till the chicken is half cooked.
Pour the oyster sauce, soya sauce, cili, and lemon juice. When chicken is tender, drizzle with sesame oil.
Goes well with rice or breads. Yummy.

Fruits for thoughts

June 16th 2006

I was lucky to get a box of cherries, plump and sweet...!!!
Friday is my favourite day... simply because it is a weekend and I can indulge on my tea and newspaper or do some heavy cooking. heavy cooking means...sambal tumis...since it involves belacan and the smell would permeates through the whole compound and the fierce Iranian neighbour used to complain ( She has moved out since...!!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Coffee shop talk

June 15th 2006

A quiet thursday I should say. Thursday is supposed to be a half day, a preweekend. Was not feeling too good, and the afternoon made my headache feel worse. Luckily the cook had prepared some porridge for dinner. Another comfort food when one is not well.
Lots and lots of things to pack and I feel kinda lazy to do it.

Another observation for today ... Life is not really fair... It is who you know or rather who your father is..! Office politics ? Thus the rich becomes richer and the poor working class will still be treated like second class citizen. But who am I to voice it out ?

Well...I must have my cup of tea now to perk me up ...!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

An evening in Manama

June 14th 2006

Had to go to Manama, in the evening to get my abaya and had to listen to Taqi's ramblings all the way to town too.
Went round looking for abayas and saw some nice ones which I shall come back at a later date to get them. For dinner I went to a vegetarian restaurant; ordered some idli with sambar and masala tea. by the time i got home I was feeling hungry again and luckily there are fruits for supper. Some bananas, cherries and grapefruits which I got earlier.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Javen's birthday

June 13th 2006

It is Javen's sixth birthday today.His wish list came true when his mom bought him his favourite toy, the transformer and he was so happy.Boys these days are so smart.
Went to Luigi at Cypres garden for dinner. I had two pieces of cannolini stuffed with chicken, mushrooms,tomatoes and a lovely sauce with lots of cheese. Goes well with the ceasar salads, broccoli soup and the garlic bread. Wonderful dinner and good company.

Earlier in the day, I went to the souq to collect my abaya. It was such a hot day and I couldnt resist a glass of avocado juice to quench my thirst. A cool rocket salads for lunch, besides the usual chicken soya sauce.

Back in the office I was typing a note when accidently I hit a key and everything was gone. I had to retype the whole thing all over again. Always happen when you are rushing. Imagine the desperate feeling...!
Had my vacation leave signed and approved and ticket confirmed...!!!
I am so excited at the thought of going for my 3 weeks vacation.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My comfort food ... !

June 11th 2006

Everyone has their own version of comfort food... one that soothes our nerves... calm us down...and make life worth living...!!!
My favourite is tea. I have one every morning. And another as and when I need one...!
I take my tea with milk and a little sugar. Has to be with fresh milk/cream or evaporated milk.
I like the other variety as well, like the ginger tea, the masala tea and the ever popular "teh tarek" ( I really missed teh tarek...!!!)
The sidekicks to my favourite tea would be hot currypuff/samosas, chocolate cakes ( another of my favourite - has to be moist chocolate cake...!)

Frustrations ...

June 11th 2006

Its a no wonder people in mid level management get so stressed out. They had it both ways. If their subordinates did not perform well, they have to answer for it.
And when there is a reprimand to be carried out, they have the honourable task to carry it out. This is the most unpopular position.
What do I do to someone who is listening without hearing, who refused to remember and follow instructions ? At the end of the day, you have to remind them of every item supposedly to be done ?
A lot of precious time is wasted and when you have to redesign and amend and amend and amend. Another set back is their ability to understand instructions, and when you asked them if they understand, they nod as if it means a yes, but still in the end... they do the wrong thing.
Are they being defiant?
But they forgot, even if they want be defiant, it shows in their performance record.
Why cant they make more effort to excell in their work, it is all for their own good.
Show the top management of your capabilities and that you take great pride in your work.
As for me... I am having this big lump in my throat.
Where did I go wrong...?
How do I motivate someone who is so stagnant and refused to move ?
Dangle a carrot ? You can guide the horse to a watering hole once or twice, but you cant force him to drink.
So I am back to square one.

Friday, June 09, 2006


June 9th 2006

Yesterday was hectic and hot. The temperature here has been in the forties since past weeks and it will go to fifties soon. And its so humid. Met some clients who came stopped over from Frankfurt on their way home to KL. We had dinner at No 1 house last night. He prepared steamboat and and it was a really good choice. The guests enjoyed themselves playing "masak masak". The seafoods were fresh and the steamed hamour was superb.Desserts were fresh fruits... plums,mangoes,persimmons, watermelons...lychees...and sweetdumplings...!!
Everyone were saying that steamboat is a healthy way of eating, which is true in a way. But it seems that we tend to overeat, so its the quantity now...We didnt realised that we ate so much of the seafoods, salads, noodles and fruits.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

One of those days ...

June 7th 2006

Woke up late this morning since we had to work late last night. Wish I could just laze a bit more in bed, but when I thought the guys would be in the office and waiting, I had to summon all my lazy bones and get up.As usual, another dateline to meet, amendments and having to deal with a certain "attitude' has been a challenge.So I asked myself, was I not clear in giving instruction or they could not understand me but refused to ask.Every time I asked..."do you understand.." they would nod their heads... but in the end they gave me the wrong things..again and again. And I have to answer to no 1, no 2 and no 3.I am at my wits ends. How I wish they would be more responsive, and understand instructions, take more initiatives, make more effort, be more creative, and listen and remember all that I have told them.
So today, the presentation went well. She has always been very supportive, she always introduce me as her kampong mate to everyone here.We happened to come from the same state in Malaysia. She is proud of her roots and I am proud of her.Rushed back to the office after the meeting , to finalise all the details for my colleague to go to Morocco. Good luck !
Suddenly I have a craving for burgers tonite. So I ordered mushroom swiss and of course it tasted so good when you are hungry.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

My new room ...

June 4th 2006

Another busy day ... with datelines to meet and the room renovation in progress. I hope by tomorrow they could finish all the work and I could start cleaning up and lay the new carpet.
Grey cut pile crapet... what a boring colour, but thats thats left. And its free.
Then I would slowly transfer my stuff.I am not really excited about the new room, but I like the idea of having my own bathroom and having a small pantry on the balcony.
I am going to miss my present room with all its memories. I hate this kind of feeling, getting attached to something I mean. And in time to come I hope to make it as cosy. Rather its time I have some changes in my life.