Sunday, June 11, 2006

Frustrations ...

June 11th 2006

Its a no wonder people in mid level management get so stressed out. They had it both ways. If their subordinates did not perform well, they have to answer for it.
And when there is a reprimand to be carried out, they have the honourable task to carry it out. This is the most unpopular position.
What do I do to someone who is listening without hearing, who refused to remember and follow instructions ? At the end of the day, you have to remind them of every item supposedly to be done ?
A lot of precious time is wasted and when you have to redesign and amend and amend and amend. Another set back is their ability to understand instructions, and when you asked them if they understand, they nod as if it means a yes, but still in the end... they do the wrong thing.
Are they being defiant?
But they forgot, even if they want be defiant, it shows in their performance record.
Why cant they make more effort to excell in their work, it is all for their own good.
Show the top management of your capabilities and that you take great pride in your work.
As for me... I am having this big lump in my throat.
Where did I go wrong...?
How do I motivate someone who is so stagnant and refused to move ?
Dangle a carrot ? You can guide the horse to a watering hole once or twice, but you cant force him to drink.
So I am back to square one.

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