Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Javen's birthday

June 13th 2006

It is Javen's sixth birthday today.His wish list came true when his mom bought him his favourite toy, the transformer and he was so happy.Boys these days are so smart.
Went to Luigi at Cypres garden for dinner. I had two pieces of cannolini stuffed with chicken, mushrooms,tomatoes and a lovely sauce with lots of cheese. Goes well with the ceasar salads, broccoli soup and the garlic bread. Wonderful dinner and good company.

Earlier in the day, I went to the souq to collect my abaya. It was such a hot day and I couldnt resist a glass of avocado juice to quench my thirst. A cool rocket salads for lunch, besides the usual chicken soya sauce.

Back in the office I was typing a note when accidently I hit a key and everything was gone. I had to retype the whole thing all over again. Always happen when you are rushing. Imagine the desperate feeling...!
Had my vacation leave signed and approved and ticket confirmed...!!!
I am so excited at the thought of going for my 3 weeks vacation.

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