Thursday, June 08, 2006

One of those days ...

June 7th 2006

Woke up late this morning since we had to work late last night. Wish I could just laze a bit more in bed, but when I thought the guys would be in the office and waiting, I had to summon all my lazy bones and get up.As usual, another dateline to meet, amendments and having to deal with a certain "attitude' has been a challenge.So I asked myself, was I not clear in giving instruction or they could not understand me but refused to ask.Every time I asked..."do you understand.." they would nod their heads... but in the end they gave me the wrong things..again and again. And I have to answer to no 1, no 2 and no 3.I am at my wits ends. How I wish they would be more responsive, and understand instructions, take more initiatives, make more effort, be more creative, and listen and remember all that I have told them.
So today, the presentation went well. She has always been very supportive, she always introduce me as her kampong mate to everyone here.We happened to come from the same state in Malaysia. She is proud of her roots and I am proud of her.Rushed back to the office after the meeting , to finalise all the details for my colleague to go to Morocco. Good luck !
Suddenly I have a craving for burgers tonite. So I ordered mushroom swiss and of course it tasted so good when you are hungry.

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