Friday, September 10, 2010


AidilFitri this year falls on a friday, thus it is a bit more special. Although the weather has not been too kind since the morning. It drizzled for a bit a continued to be gloomy. The sun refused to shine. Which reminded me again of Eids celebrated in the winter months. Back then Eid was not as merry and joyous as we were away from our family and the culture was different. We got to taste the ketupat at the embassy open house, meeting fellow countrymen and catching up for a bit and trying to have some small talks just to be nice to people. If you know what I mean, how some of the Malaysians when they are residing overseas. After the meals we would end up having coffee at starbucks and shopping at Seef Mall or take a walk along the corniche.
Now that I am home, I missed those days as much as I missed celebrating Eid in Malaysia.

This year, the second year of celebrating Eid without my mother. The Ramadhan which is supposed to be a Blessed and special month, came and went, with a mixed feeling of loss, regrets and relief. Too much work around the house with too little help is a huge burden. Sacrifice is the word. Life is not easy. To balance things while keeping sane. Hope to get all my energy back and soon to continue with my daily routine.

EID MUBARAK to everyone. May we live to see the next Ramadhan. Good health, plenty of happiness and wealth for each day to come. Maaf zahir batin.