Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BQ shades

Found this lovely pair of shades in the blogworld.
Wish I could have a pair.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cool gray saturday

This is one of those very rare days that I am able to relax and spend the day enjoying the cool gray day. Been cloudy since early morning, the sun hiding behind the dark clouds and the sky is drizzling.With the cat sleeping on my lap to keep me warm I am pondering the events that had taken place since more than a month ago that I was unable to write.
The Hari Raya AidilFitri passed without much joy even with relatives and friends that came to visit. It was the first hari raya without my mother. Felt strange without her and of course we missed her a lot. An old friend called to wish me happy Raya and asked how am I doing. So I said I had sad news that my cat died. He told me that he was about to share an even sadder news. A friend from college days passed away in a tragic accident in Gurun Kedah along with his wife and two daughters just a day before Hari Raya. Infact I saw the news on tv, but didnt realised that it was my friend who was involved. That was really shocking and sad, they were all burnt to death in the wreck of their car. I couldnt imagine it.

Last nov 9th marked the first year of my mother's death anniversary. It coincidently fall on the saw day as one of her great grandson's birthday. As I quietly reminesce the memory of my mother, he and the family was having fun celebrating his 9th birthday. Its a totally different world that we are brought up nowdays. As a parent, the father should have taken a more positive role in moulding the kids to respect the elders. What hurt me most was on the day that my mother passed away, the father celebrated his son's birthday. We buried my mother in the afternoon and in the evening he and the kids and his side of the family were happily celebrating, blowing the candles, cutting the cake and having a merry time. A family friend once told me that, I have to be patient and wait fro him ( the father ) to grow up and understand what life is all about. What irked me most is that he is staying and making a living all out of the late lady's inheritance and he couldnt even have a slight respect for her soul. Blimey. And he is the son of the local Imam. When will he realised of his responsibilities towards his wife and children and family? When will he learnt?

So here we are, back to the present day, the weather has not improved. Perhaps a hot cup of tea would help.