Tuesday, August 30, 2011

AidilFitri ... hari mulia

Today we celebrated AidilFitri. The weather was not being too good on us...been cloudy with some slight drizzles.It was rather quiet in the early morning, then people started to come in the afternoon. Their visits are predictable ... all our relatives..their spouses and children and friends.
We made some ketupat pulut yesterday, and thats our main dishes for the day to go with the meat rendang.
My neice made some cookies and her storage bottles are all neatly arranged on the counter which attracted the visitors attention. Soome even wanted to place order for next Hari Raya. But my neice had to politely decline the offer, we are not selling ! Since we know what we went through in making those "beautiful" cookies.
And guess what we had for dinner, none other than the good old fried rice. We were too tired to cook anything else. Tried to stay up to watch Nur Kasih the movie on tv, but it was a real big dissappointment. Nur kasih the series were much better.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Eve of AidilFitri

A month of fasting has gone. Tomorrow we shall celebrate Hari Raya.
All preps and cooking for the big day tomorrow was done. My back is breaking !
My nerve is wrecking.

Some of the nice people came over tonite to recite the Takbir Raya at home.
It was really a great feeling having them in the house. It brings up the mood for Raya.
Been a very long time since I wrote anything here, too many stories, too many tales, but where do I begin ?

Ramadhan Mubarak !