Tuesday, January 29, 2013


About more than a week ago, I managed to catch a movie on tv, which is a very occassion. One of the girl said... tonights movie is Mama Mia..! Then I said...uh..uh.. Then I heard the song " Mama Mia" popularised by ABBA. That intro was enough to set me glued in front of the tv...for the rest of the nite ! Oh what a nostalgic movie...all the songs from ABBA. And guess what there was my favourite hero... who else but the suave and good looking Mr Bond himself... Pierce Brosnan..!!! A romantic comedy ... with a happy ending. This kind of movie..really makes my day. Gone were the days when I was able to catch a good movie. Time really has changed so much. Age catching up... commitments..responsibilities... aahhh.....

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Its another year ... Hopefully it will bring better luck for all of us. Although things at the homefront does not look that promising... who knows... people... things might change. What with the extra workloads, had to listen to free naggings, I need a miracle !