Tuesday, January 29, 2013


About more than a week ago, I managed to catch a movie on tv, which is a very occassion. One of the girl said... tonights movie is Mama Mia..! Then I said...uh..uh.. Then I heard the song " Mama Mia" popularised by ABBA. That intro was enough to set me glued in front of the tv...for the rest of the nite ! Oh what a nostalgic movie...all the songs from ABBA. And guess what there was my favourite hero... who else but the suave and good looking Mr Bond himself... Pierce Brosnan..!!! A romantic comedy ... with a happy ending. This kind of movie..really makes my day. Gone were the days when I was able to catch a good movie. Time really has changed so much. Age catching up... commitments..responsibilities... aahhh.....

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