Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Tropical Fruits Farm.

Today we went to see an exhibition at the Tropical Fruits Farm in conjunction with Farmers day. It is a big farm with a river running through it and we had to take the tram ride around with a token of MR2 for adults. It was really a nice ride and I enjoyed myself looking at all the plantations. It is so green and pleasing to the eyes. We saw a padi fields and plenty of tropical fruit trees, spices and herbal plants, vegetables, flowers and some livestocks. Among the animals that we saw were the local deer, Indian deer, ostrich, camels, horses and cattles. And a few monkeys running around !
I bought some fruit plants like jackfruits, limes, guavas,rambutans and 4 pots of bougainvilla.He gave me a free pot of 'pengaga' too. Now I have plenty of time to do gardening which I have enjoyed tremendously. I have planted some fruit trees and started my herbal garden, still very basic and minimal but I hope in time they will grow with plenty of varieties.
The greens.

The Lotus pond.

The Dragon fruits.

Red hot chillies.


Dried herbal flowers.

Dried herbal plants and roots.

The biggest goats.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Our new guests

These are our new guests for two weeks. They arrived yesterday morning. I think they missed their old place and friends because they have been making noises. Poor guys or lucky guys it depends on how you would interpret them.
The little ones all five of them have been having fun trying new cuisine and my new bammboo plants was victimised. We had to put all the pots into a small nursery until we can repair all the fencing. We have extra chores on top of everything else just to make sure they dont eat our plants and the cats dont catch the fish in the pots with water plants.
School breaks for a week starts tomorrow and my headache will be worse. Perhaps I should try to stay away quietly and try to ignore....and just ignore.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Service provider ... ?

I woke up last saturday morning and found out that my modem has given up on me. It just refused to power on. Saturday and sunday were days off for the weekend too. I wanted to get back to the guy who installed my modem, but he was away for the weekend. Waited till monday morning to call him. It was only on tuesday that he finally managed to help me make a report. He said the telecom guys will come over to my place after 4 hours to fix the problem. Four hours turned to eight, when it was time to knock off. So I spent another frustrating day without a life support ! Only on wednesday morning that they finally came to check the modem and replaced the faulty part. A course of action that took them less than 15 minutes ! of course I was delighted that my problems was sorted out and that I can get back online.
But what irked me most is when the customer service department called me again to confirm that the job has been done, and apologised for the delay in providing the services, even though the moem is still under warranty.
He said that service technicians had to take care of the "bigger' customers first, since they are corporate clients and they paid more.
The plan that that I took was for home user.
That was really the wrong thing to say.
How many "small fries" like me who suffered at their poor after sales services ?
They still billed me a full month charge and I had missed 4 days of internet access. Life is never fair ! It is still a country of tapes and beurocracy. Excuses .. Excuses..!
They are scared if the corporate clients would lodge a complaint to the State Chief Minister and that they would get into trouble of their bad services. So they feel that the single home user can take aback seat and wait. What if there are a thousand of home users like me who suffered ?
Wont our voices be heard ?
I would give the thumbs up for those who dared to go on a picket and voice their opinions. My single and lonely voice will not ever be heard but I would be very happy to see them get one less vote when comes an election day.