Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Service provider ... ?

I woke up last saturday morning and found out that my modem has given up on me. It just refused to power on. Saturday and sunday were days off for the weekend too. I wanted to get back to the guy who installed my modem, but he was away for the weekend. Waited till monday morning to call him. It was only on tuesday that he finally managed to help me make a report. He said the telecom guys will come over to my place after 4 hours to fix the problem. Four hours turned to eight, when it was time to knock off. So I spent another frustrating day without a life support ! Only on wednesday morning that they finally came to check the modem and replaced the faulty part. A course of action that took them less than 15 minutes ! of course I was delighted that my problems was sorted out and that I can get back online.
But what irked me most is when the customer service department called me again to confirm that the job has been done, and apologised for the delay in providing the services, even though the moem is still under warranty.
He said that service technicians had to take care of the "bigger' customers first, since they are corporate clients and they paid more.
The plan that that I took was for home user.
That was really the wrong thing to say.
How many "small fries" like me who suffered at their poor after sales services ?
They still billed me a full month charge and I had missed 4 days of internet access. Life is never fair ! It is still a country of tapes and beurocracy. Excuses .. Excuses..!
They are scared if the corporate clients would lodge a complaint to the State Chief Minister and that they would get into trouble of their bad services. So they feel that the single home user can take aback seat and wait. What if there are a thousand of home users like me who suffered ?
Wont our voices be heard ?
I would give the thumbs up for those who dared to go on a picket and voice their opinions. My single and lonely voice will not ever be heard but I would be very happy to see them get one less vote when comes an election day.


Ammar456 said...

It's a dog eat dog world, dear, what can I say. Hopefully you can get better luck with another provider.

Ammoontie said...

Hi ammar,
I think this is the sole provider..! Just like batelco !

Shionge said...

Hiya Ammoontie...thank you for your sweet thots at my blog...I'm ok now.

I would be equally frustrated waiting for such a long time and worst no=show too.
Can you able to change now to another company?

Teep-Ex said...

I know how you feel. When I moved to my new house, it took them forever to get my internet up. One thing for sure, I paid half a month worth for nothing.

Double standard is what they thrive on.

Ammoontie said...

Hi Shi,
I am so glad to see you here again.
Well..I am back online now and hopefully dont have to go through such hassles again.

Ammoontie said...

Hi Teep,
Been a while since I saw you here. Well .. we all know... who and what..and where...that service provider !

abufares said...

Hi Ammootie
My first comment on your blog. I must say that I really like it.
I'll be a regular if you don't mind. As for your internet problems, La Teshkili Bebkilek!

Ammoontie said...

hi abufares,
you are most welcome and i would be glad of your visits and comments.
Thank God that my internet problem has been solved and had to take care that it will not happen again so soon..!