Saturday, January 26, 2008

A postal glitch

This is what the Government claimed of an efficient postal service !
I received a letter which has been opened. It is one of those letter where you tear on the perforated sides. When I received it, I noticed that on one side it has been torn about a third in length. When I turned to the back I noticed that it has been opened on both sides and one could have read all the contents. Looks like it has been done by someone well practiced.

Perhaps this person(s) has been doing it often. I think they targetted certain letters to gain some information on individuals. They very well know the contents of such letters from the Govt bodies, through the address on the envelope. Perhaps the Govt bodies never realised that the letters could be tampered with. Or nobody has ever complained or they just keep deft ears about the matter.
I called the local Post Office and the lady directed me to call a Postman masters to lodge a complain. I did all that and the guy was telling me that he would investigate.
This is his way of investigation.
He called up the postman who delivered letters in my area, to come and see me. The postman said he didnt realised that the letter has been opened, and asked if anyone has opened it before I got the letter. I was the one who picked the letter from my letter box, so it could not be anybody in my area.
Normally if mails had been damaged the Post Office would seal the letter in plastic envelope and stamped it with "Damaged upon receipt" ( Well this was in another country actually ) Here it is different. Nobody cares. So I told the postman should anything happened I would hold The Post responsible.
There could be a few possibilities.
*It could have been opened right from the beginning at the Government Office.
*Someone who sort out letters at the Post Office opened it, out of curiousity or working for syndicates.
*The postman himself.

Then I heard stories a few times the postman in my area has been caught red handed stealing money from the letters. Money is not supposed to be posted in envelopes anyway, But Postmanm are not supposed to steal either. was just my hard luck !

On the homefront the weather has been so warm and dry. The year has not started right. Misunderstandings... miscommunications ... mismanaged ...and the list would go on and on. Enough said.

I just wish some "people" would grow up and start to think so as not to offend the others.Its not easy living with a big extended family.
I have to try to keep quiet, keep my mouth shut and keep to myself. The less I say would be the better.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

A wake up call ...

When life flashes just before you ...

I had a harrowing experience a week ago when the car I was travelling in skidded and came to a halt just in time to stop us from going down. It was a new highway linking it to the airport. We passed a few tolls which were still under trials. The road was badly design and constructed. It does not need an engineer to testify it, any driver would know. PLUS realised about the problems after several accidents had happened at the same spots. Alas they couldnt do anything to rectify it since the road has been completed. All they managed to do is to put up a speed limit of 50 km/hr. Who would have noticed the road sign and obscure notice?
That fateful evening it rained and we were on the way to the airport to pick up someone. It happened in a split second, the car skidded, I could see the deep drain down and the only thing that saved us from going down was the metal railings on the road. The back tyre of the car got stuck to the railing and we quickly got out of the car. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt.
Whaile waiting for PLUS and the tow truck to come several more cars had the same problems at the very same spot. It was like a bad dream or watching a movie, one after another the cars skidded. The tow truck came in a jiffy, its as if they were hiding somewhere nearby waiting for prey. They were extremely helpful, offering to take one of the girl to hospital and lending us their car to continue our journey to the airport.

We started thinking, were there a syndicate from the tow truck and the workshops ? Since they passed some questionable remarks to the luxury cars that were involved in the accidents. They would take the original parts and replaced them with others or fakes. And definitely the tow truck business were making cash. And at the expense of someone's life ?

Another friend who passed by later noticed some oil spills on the road. Could that have added to the cause of accidents ?
A jaguar skidded and punctured all four tyres. Is it fair to purposely set up something like this that endangered peoples life, just so you can make money out of peoples misfortunes? No doubt everyone was covered by insurance, but someone could have died in the process.

It was scary. My mind is still fresh with the thoughts. I kept thinking that it could have been worst. God still spare us our lives which I am very thankful.

Could it be a wake up call ? Or a gentle reminder ?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The very First day of 2008

Wishing you
A new year that's filled
With all the excitement
Of living each day
To the fullest...!

The new year is here again.
First of January ...
It is just another date ...
Another day
Like yesterday ...

Everywhere Everyone is celebrating with a big bang, with wines flowing freely, hugs, kisses and all the good wishes.It was merry. It was joyous.
Everyone Everywhere seems to be greeting and wishing all the best of wishes for the new year.

For me it was a quiet evening at home. Talking to my best belg friend. Remembering the good old times. Going down memory lane. One beautiful summer ... !

And now, the first day of the new year is almost over, I am wondering what would the new year be like ? What is in store for us all ?
Will I be Blessed with all my dreams coming true ?

Que sera sera ...
What will be ... will be
The futures not ours to see
Que sera sera ...