Saturday, January 26, 2008

A postal glitch

This is what the Government claimed of an efficient postal service !
I received a letter which has been opened. It is one of those letter where you tear on the perforated sides. When I received it, I noticed that on one side it has been torn about a third in length. When I turned to the back I noticed that it has been opened on both sides and one could have read all the contents. Looks like it has been done by someone well practiced.

Perhaps this person(s) has been doing it often. I think they targetted certain letters to gain some information on individuals. They very well know the contents of such letters from the Govt bodies, through the address on the envelope. Perhaps the Govt bodies never realised that the letters could be tampered with. Or nobody has ever complained or they just keep deft ears about the matter.
I called the local Post Office and the lady directed me to call a Postman masters to lodge a complain. I did all that and the guy was telling me that he would investigate.
This is his way of investigation.
He called up the postman who delivered letters in my area, to come and see me. The postman said he didnt realised that the letter has been opened, and asked if anyone has opened it before I got the letter. I was the one who picked the letter from my letter box, so it could not be anybody in my area.
Normally if mails had been damaged the Post Office would seal the letter in plastic envelope and stamped it with "Damaged upon receipt" ( Well this was in another country actually ) Here it is different. Nobody cares. So I told the postman should anything happened I would hold The Post responsible.
There could be a few possibilities.
*It could have been opened right from the beginning at the Government Office.
*Someone who sort out letters at the Post Office opened it, out of curiousity or working for syndicates.
*The postman himself.

Then I heard stories a few times the postman in my area has been caught red handed stealing money from the letters. Money is not supposed to be posted in envelopes anyway, But Postmanm are not supposed to steal either. was just my hard luck !

On the homefront the weather has been so warm and dry. The year has not started right. Misunderstandings... miscommunications ... mismanaged ...and the list would go on and on. Enough said.

I just wish some "people" would grow up and start to think so as not to offend the others.Its not easy living with a big extended family.
I have to try to keep quiet, keep my mouth shut and keep to myself. The less I say would be the better.


ammaro said...


more like no one can be bothered to put up a serious investigation. unfortunately, if no one makes a big deal about this, its just gonna go on and on...

Ammoontie said...

yes Ammar...looks like nobody bothers. Thats what Government is for..! And crime rates keep going higher.

Qabbani said...

hey :)

nice new look , just saw it

Shionge said...

How awful to have our mail tampered with and I tend to be very careful whenever I send letters to my relatives in Malaysia.

Hope this wont happen again now that you have registered your case with the postal service.

Ammoontie said...

Hi Qabbani,
How are you doing ?
Wish I could do more for the blog but I am just not very IT savvy...

Ammoontie said...

Hi Shionge,
yes, I was very upset and angry with the postal service, but it would not know...things like this just go on and on. Nobody cares and bothers. Just hope that it wont happen to you.

Mrs Dynamite aka Lorena +Wonder Women... said...

thats to bad sis... how you doing? have you move from bahrain? ... i like your new look

Ammoontie said...

Hi Lorena,
So good to see you here again.