Friday, October 26, 2012

Aidil Adha

This year's Aidil Adha has been a quiet day. We dont celebrate it in a big way, but yesterday's preparations were hectic. All the cooking and cleaning made my head and body aching all over in a big way. What more it rained heavily in the evening and I was soaking wet in trying to get some belimbing buluh for the satay gravy. My neice took over the task of making some cakes and jelly last night. I was already in dream land. As usual a good friend from the different time zone called. He does that on every Eids, birthdays, new year and important occassion. I actually missed " dak Boer " ! Been taking care of him for more than a month and he is so lovable. He is already in Heaven now. I get emotional with things like this. I wish I could " Qurban " someone from far away!