Thursday, May 22, 2008

My "To Do List"

After visiting Abu Fares's blog, I am compelled to write my "TO DO LIST"
Since I have a long "TO DO LIST" I would just simplify them.
What I want were just some simple things in life although I am not fortunate enough to have the luxury to achieve them. Not Yet anyway.

1) Current and top most on my agenda is my garden landscape.
I have always wanted to build a water feature, with lush greenery and lots of
aquatic plants. The Balinese style fascinates me. Serene and suitable for
our tropical climates.

2) To have my very own vegetable and herbal patch. I have started this at the back
of the house and it is coming up quite nicely. I would spend a couple of hours in
the morning to tend to my garden, usually after breakfast. Sweating it outlike a
routine exercise. We have enjoyed the pleasure of cooking fresh vegetables from
our back garden.Still I would really like to add more to my list of herbal plants.

3) Travelling to see places of interest.Amongst the places that I would like to
see are the works of Gaudi in Spain, The city of Petra in Jordan and the
mediterranean countries.

4) Pick up on my painting. Always have the desire to paint but do not have the
time to do it. My love for Naive Art started with a collection of childrens
paintings, in all their childlike simplicity and innocennce. As an adult we
could not get that style. So the closest we can get is through Naive Art.

5) Jewellery and accessories design. I learnt the art of Chinese knots and have done
a few pieces. I have always been fascinated by ethnic jewellery. I should be
taking that jewellery making classes ... but When ?

6) Upgrade my knowledge. I still have a lot to learn and study. Knowledge never
ends. It seems is parrallel with our lives. I gave up the idea of paper chase,
sometime back but just being content with reading without any pressure of

7) To own a Harley. This remains my dream. The engine sounds reverbrates in my
mind ,in my solace. You could hear it from a mile away. It never stops to
fascinates me. The memories flooding back. Nothings gonna change my love for you.

There goes my list, it is doable if I have the time and energy.