Sunday, May 27, 2007

Todays Thought

"Dont let a person become a priority in your life, when you are just an
option in their life"
I read this quote from one of my friend's blog, and it got me thinking and looking back at my life.
There had been occassion when I had put certain people as my priority in life, only to have found out the hard way in the end that I was only an option. Or rather to put it bluntly " You are there for the moment, before I met someone else, or before my mother arranged for my life partner"

"You will know it, when someone is ready to cut my neck"
I guess by now his throat must have been slashed and blood oozing out his larynx, since he went missing and disappeared into the desert storm without a word. A real coward I should say.

Some of us, being very nice or very naive, just couldnt help it, trying to do everything for that person, or being in the position who give and give without taking, until that special person walks away from their lives.

Sometimes it would take ages for the wound to heal and the hurt to disappear.
When we are not in love with that person, we could think straight, but when we are in love... all hells break lose..!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is where I am now ...

For the past three months I have been spending my life at this village. No more work stress and no one to watch my everymove and report them to the boss. I am free to type whatever I like. I am enjoying the cool breeze every morning, a warm afternoon or a heavy downpour where it flooded the pond. The water level would rise and all the fishes escaped.
It is totally a different lifestyle that I used to lead and I am liking it so much that I sometimes dread at the thought that I am going to be sitting in an office again..!

I get to go shopping in the morning, where the supermarkets are not crowded and I could browse aisle after aisle in peace without any hassle. And I get to the check out counter without a long queque.

Let me introduce you a stray cat that had turned my home into his home. We call him "Atok" since he is an elderly cat. I do wish he has his 9 lives still.

These are the chicken and the roosters, we had 3 brother roosters.

These are some of the goats.

This is a durian tree infront of the house, with the fruits which will fall in a couple of months. We'll have fun then.

This is a view of the pond. I love sitting here in the evenings.

This is the betel plant. The goats loved the leaves !

This is one of the antique shop in the Lorong Hang Jebat area, a very interesting tourist spot. A great piece of old architecture, the shops with 'peranakan" influence, with an airwell in the shops. Some of them have been turned into cafes and restaurants and they are really cool.

I shall post more pictures of the lifestyle here when I have the chance.
This is where I find peace away from the rats.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ways to make money ... be a con artist !

There are conmen everywhere in different forms and designer clothes !
Recently there were syndicates that con people with counterfeit currency.
One group has been caught ( mostly foreigners ) and there are many more soon to be hauled in.
First they enticed certain individual, pretending to be big investors, bringing in cash from overseas, then they asked you to invest. Once you gave them the money they disappeared. Those that had been conned must be feeling relieved that the culprits had been caught, but the money is already lost and will not be recovered. The only consolation is that they have been caught, the public is aware of them and lets hope we will not meet them again.

Another conmen style is targetted at families and people in the housing areas or villages. They pretended to do a survey and gave you and survey card with lucky fraw prizes. To be able to get the prizes, one has to purchase 3 sets of products, which are priced at more than their market value. But they are so good at conning and convincing people, some naive ones readily parted with their savings. I had witnessed how these people turned their sales pitch so dramatic, making it look like a polished performance.

When we are being sensible, we would remember not to fall for such tricks but there are times when ones is taken by the sheer pressure and wishing to gamble and try their luck. Who knows one might win the cars, motorcyles, big plasma screens, holiday packages and the list is endless. But when you scratch the lucky draw you will see that you got one of the useless items which you do not need at all and you have overpaid the items that you bought.

Sales gimmicks. We should try to make more people aware of such sales gimmicks and not fall into such tricks.

The funny thing is that these people can sleep peacefully at night, knowing they had conned people. How would they feel if one of their family and friends are being conned by others ?
What happened if they would hhave met with an accident or disaster and the nearest person who could help them was the one that they had conned ?

My guess is... they never bother to think other than how to make money..any which long as they make money.
These people have no conscience. They forgot that there is a higher power that pay back and reward them for whatever deeds that they have done. Good or bad.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Glad To be Back

Greetings to all my friends here.

I just got my internet connected and have lots of catching up to do. Almost three months that I was away from the computer and I missed all my friends here. So its gonna be a long nite from now on ! I was kinda of getting used to a life without computer and internet, but I guess tonite, I feel alive again. So much that I missed here.
The three months that have gone by has given me a lot of thoughts and reflections. Its a totally different environment that I went through. Not all is rosy posy though and not all smooth sailing either. Met a couple of "modern day crooks - daylight robbers", Got my patience tested quite often,
but there are little rewards along the way that makes me smile and feel appreciated.

Well... all I can say for now is...There are Blessings In Disguise !