Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Glad To be Back

Greetings to all my friends here.

I just got my internet connected and have lots of catching up to do. Almost three months that I was away from the computer and I missed all my friends here. So its gonna be a long nite from now on ! I was kinda of getting used to a life without computer and internet, but I guess tonite, I feel alive again. So much that I missed here.
The three months that have gone by has given me a lot of thoughts and reflections. Its a totally different environment that I went through. Not all is rosy posy though and not all smooth sailing either. Met a couple of "modern day crooks - daylight robbers", Got my patience tested quite often,
but there are little rewards along the way that makes me smile and feel appreciated.

Well... all I can say for now is...There are Blessings In Disguise !


Munther said...

Welcome back my friend ! We've missed you and will be looking forward to your posts ! :)

dangkin said...

hey ammoontie! glad to see you back online! looking forward for more stories from you :)

have a great day!

Shionge said...

Welcome back Sweetie and glad that you are fine & well. Hope this 'journey' strengthen you ya!

ammoontie said...

Hi Munther,
thank you..I am glad to be online again too. I'll start my posts soon.

ammoontie said...

Hi dangkin,
Have lots of stories to tell..! And I sure am glad to be here again.
You too..have a great day.

ammoontie said...

hi shionge,
Thank you dear... I am fine and keeping well. It is a new chapter for me.
Take care..!

Chia Mimi said...

What a nice surprise when I turned on my computer and came to my Frappr site .... YOU are back again. Great !
I think we all need some time away to see there is much more than a WWW-life.

Welcome come dear Ammoontie!

ghee said...

welcome back,Ammoontie dear!whew,3 months just passed so quick i guess :)

yeah,there are blessings in disguise,im glad to hear that you have them :)

ammoontie said...

Hi Chia mimi,
Great to see you here...
i actually missed the WWW life..!

ammoontie said...

Hi Ghee,
Yes, 3 months just flew by... but i had a peaceful time out..!

GraY FoX said...

welcome back
blogsphere is gonna be nice again :D

ammoontie said...

hi GrayFox,
nice of you to come by...I sure am glad to be back again.