Saturday, May 26, 2007

This is where I am now ...

For the past three months I have been spending my life at this village. No more work stress and no one to watch my everymove and report them to the boss. I am free to type whatever I like. I am enjoying the cool breeze every morning, a warm afternoon or a heavy downpour where it flooded the pond. The water level would rise and all the fishes escaped.
It is totally a different lifestyle that I used to lead and I am liking it so much that I sometimes dread at the thought that I am going to be sitting in an office again..!

I get to go shopping in the morning, where the supermarkets are not crowded and I could browse aisle after aisle in peace without any hassle. And I get to the check out counter without a long queque.

Let me introduce you a stray cat that had turned my home into his home. We call him "Atok" since he is an elderly cat. I do wish he has his 9 lives still.

These are the chicken and the roosters, we had 3 brother roosters.

These are some of the goats.

This is a durian tree infront of the house, with the fruits which will fall in a couple of months. We'll have fun then.

This is a view of the pond. I love sitting here in the evenings.

This is the betel plant. The goats loved the leaves !

This is one of the antique shop in the Lorong Hang Jebat area, a very interesting tourist spot. A great piece of old architecture, the shops with 'peranakan" influence, with an airwell in the shops. Some of them have been turned into cafes and restaurants and they are really cool.

I shall post more pictures of the lifestyle here when I have the chance.
This is where I find peace away from the rats.


Anonymous said...

Hi ammoontie,
It is great to see you are back and good to know that you are well. It sounded like you have adapted to village life. You have done very well. I was facinated by Atok. Even though he is a stray cat he still looks well-groomed. I wouldn't mind to adopt him, if I were to live in the same village.
Good luck with your new life!

Shionge said...

Thank you for sharing blissful and such a nice peaceful village.

Have fun dear pal.

ammoontie said...

Hi anonymous,
It is really great to see you here again, after a long while, me not being online. I am getting used to this kind of life for the moment, till another career path gets signed on the dotted lines.
"Atok" ( which means grandfather ) came to our compound, badly wounded maybe from a battle with another cat, scabies and all. He smelled so atrocious that nobody wanted to go near him. We nursed him back to what he looks like today. His tail used to be very furry before, I guess he must have looked more "handsome and macho" in his younger days !
I hope to see you more often... since this is the only place we can get to chat and exchanged ideas.
Have a great start to a new week.
Take care.

Ammoontie said...

Hi shionge,
This is village life... the scenery is nice... the air is fresh. The food is good...!
Waiting for the durians now..!

Anonymous said...

Hi ammoontie,
I hope so, and would like to meet you one day. I like the way you deal with your life.It must be hard but it sounded like you survived. You are so strong and positive. And I really wish you well in your life transition.
Atok is such a handsome cat. You must have treated him very well and he recovered his good looks. He was probably a city sleeker before and came for retreat in your village. May be fighting and got injured were all part of character building.
Have a good retreat!

Ammoontie said...

Hi anonymous,
I survived... getting used to another routine, more relaxing and should be able to catch up in doing things that I had wanted to do for sometime now. We'll see.
It would be a pleasure and certainly nice to meet you, over a cup of tea/coffee.
Here is my email
Have a nice evening..!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks ammoontie, for giving your email address. I will certainly email you when I am passing by your part of the world. I do hope you enjoy whatever you are doing now and all the best for your future.
Take Care!

Ammoontie said...

Hi anonymous,
You are most welcomed in my home country. Summer will soon be here..! Would be nice if I could have your email as well.
Thank you for your kind wishes too.
We do try to make the best of what we have for now.
Take care and have a pleasant rest of your day.

Dalicia said...

you're back in malaysia? ah, i like the pernakan culture. you should recommend pernakan places in malaysia :) i'm guessing this is malacca? the pictures i mean

WELCOME BACK good to hear from you

Ammoontie said...

Hi dalicia,
Yup, its at the peranakan place...I just simply love that area. Wish I could have one of those old shophouses.
I'll try to get more pics ok ?