Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blogger power:Safeguard the web for children

February 24th 2007

I have been tagged by my friend eastcoastlife and here it is, to show my support and my humble opinion.

The project Blogger Power is a campaign to safegard the internet for children against pornography.

A Request To All Webmasters Of Adult Sites:

"Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information."

In my opinion:
1)Children should be made aware that they are still too young to be viewing such sites and what impact it could have on them or what it may lead them to. Let them know that such sites are for adults only. At their age, sex should be educational and not for entertaintment or leisure.

2) Kids these days are very smart, a lot of them are much better than us adults, with regard to computers. They will find a way, to hack codes and passwords.
For home computers, we can install parental controls and block certain websites while browsing. Or place the computers in the general area of the house.

3) Parents should supervise their childrens online activities. But it is a little sensitive, as to to how much control that you want impose. They can still be online and do whatever they want behind closed doors or when the parents are not home, or they would view them at their friends place.

4) It is important that your kids circle of friends are not into porn, because children and teenagers specially, will want to feel belong to a group and not feel left out.Parents should be role models to their children, whereas friends often influenced one another.

5) Distract the children from such sites, and encourage them to surf or browse on safer websites. Buy them PS Playstations !

6) It is not easy being parents...! Lets hope and pray that our children will be disciplined enough to respect the parents and teachers and instilled it in themselves to be a good kid. Cross the bridge when you come to it. There will be time for everything in life.


dangkin said...

this is a very nice campaign! i wish everyone will be a responsible blogger to make this earth safe for everybody..


Ammoontie said...

hi dangkin,
how are you doing ? Yes, this is a good topic and lets hope we can spread some awareness within the community.

Anonymous said...

It is a good campaign if it is supported by facts and figures for the campaigners (bloggers) to appeal to the respective country leaders to take strict action on the adult sites webmaster. Not only to the Webmaster. Every country should impose a strict law on anyone who makes adult websites easily accessable without proper control, for example by removing licence to conduct business over the internet. Create Internet Police with special software to monitor website without any control.It is always a weakest link i.e country that ignore the law. Give kids more homeworks.

eastcoastlife said...

Hey ammoontie,
Thanks a lot for your support!

Ammoontie said...

hi eastcoastlife,
your are most welcome my dear !

Ammoontie said...

hi anon,
Internet police is a good idea. It is just not right when people misused the internet facilities.

Anonymous said...

The world is topsy turvy especially with the advent of the Internet. There are advantages and disadvantages. On one hand the internet allows us to interact, world seems to be small and we are able to share our thoughts. Most people cannot go without the community aspects of the Internet. It a powerful tool for the bloggers and a panacea for some of society's ills, for example solitude. On the other hand the internet has a potential to degrade some element, worst all innocent children who can become victim of unscruplous evil minded individuals.
Keep us posted with your stimulating thoughts.
Take care!

Ammoontie said...

Hi anon,
I am one of them too. The internet has sort of become a part of life necessities. It comes so natural that, it is the first thing that would start my morning. Reading the news, check emails etc.
Still the 'good' of internet far outweight the 'bad'. It is like good and bad cholestrol. White and red blood plasma. There need to be a balance, to keep things moderated or in control.
That is what life is all about. You win some, you lose some.

GraY FoX said...

nice one :D

Ammoontie said...

hi Grayfox,
It is a good campaign. Hope it goes far.

Shionge said...

Hiya Pal, hope you are fine and well...just checking:D

eastcoastlife said...

Hey ammoontie,
Where are you? Are you ok?

It's been 2 weeks since your last post.

Anonymous said...

Hi ammoontie,
I must say, I would like to join in with eastcoastlife and shionge wondering how you are and hope you are keeping well.
Keep us posted and how are you getting on adjusting your life in your own motherland.
It is possible you got a cultural shock and I wouldn't be surprised.
Take Care!

eastcoastlife said...

I miss you. Hope you are fine. I'm getting a little worried.

Drop me a line, ok?

Shionge said...

Hiya Ammoontie...hope you are fine & well....drop me a line or two too ok :D

eastcoastlife said...

This is really so nerve-wrecking for me. Can you please just say 'hello'? so that I know you're fine. please.

Stjernesol said...

an important post... thank you for sharing!

Hope everything is okay with you, sorry I haven't been here so often these days...


Shionge said...

Hiya pal....keep us posted on your progress. Email me anytime at

Take care, thinking about you!

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly glad to discover this. Good job!