Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ready To Rise Again

February 6th 2007

Never expect things to happen..
Struggle and make them happen.
Never expect yourself to be given a good value, create a value of your own.

Life has never been an easy path. Hurdles after hurdles, falling down and scraping down my knees, tears rolling down my cheeks and nobody to kiss it better. It takes a while for me to brush off the dirts and take the next hurdle.
But to some people's eyes my struggles are seen as incapabalities.

I shall never forget your words that has been tearing my heart like a serrated bullet.

True to an old saying that says.."Words are sharper than sword"
To the person saying it... they may not remember what they have just said. Nor do they realised that their words have hurt someone's feelings.

"Look at my life
Look at my heart
I have seen them fall apart
Now I'm ready to rise again
Look at my hopes
Look at my dreams
I'm building bridges from these scenes
Now I'm ready to rise again"

Thats part of the lyrics from a song by Gabrielle.

Fate. Karma. Suratan.
We have no way of knowing it, but certainly have to take them all in our strides.
Another long road to travel. But it has to start somewhere in order to reach the destination.

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