Friday, February 02, 2007

The winds of change is here again ...

February 2nd 2007

The morning is as gloomy as what I am feeling right now.It rained again since last night, the ground is wet, poodles of water has started to form in the open ground.
Looking through my window, I think to myself...I am going to miss this place, I am going to miss its people, its food and everything there is to it.
The time has come for me to take the next step and move on again.
Although everyone says to look at the positive side of things, I tried to convince myself that everything happened for a reason(s) which I may not know yet.
Hurdles after hurdles before we could touch the finishing tape. And that too is a race... a competition of sort.
I tried to list down all the good things that would come out of this move.
At the same time, I cant ignore all the losses that I am experiencing. Where is the balance ?
Health...peace of mind...responsibility...Contentment...Will that equals the loss of wealth ?
Money will never be enough, but what is "enough" going to be measured with ?
Somehow...there will be at a certain point of our life that we have to make a life changing decisions.
"Change" is the only constant in our life.
Was I prepared for the change this time around ?
No..not really...but I have seen it coming my way since almost a year ago.
I thought I could hang on to a thin thread, but the winds and the drafts are to strong, the thin thread just snapped.Niether a fishing line nor a cable would be able to hold it either, since there are a few pairs of stronger hands that was holding a pair of scissors to cut off the line.
There was even a bulldozer that pushed me into the drain.
I am not really lamenting on my predicament. We never know what is in store for our lives. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings.
And so the day begins...rainy..gloomy and all.

After a nice cup of hot earl grey tea...
But...where do I begin ?


Cool Insider said...

Agree with you on the weird effects which weather has on us. I used to think that it was banal for people to just talk about the weather. As if there is nothing else under the Sun that one can pontificate about. However, the weather can sometimes affect our mood or even be a catalyst for a life changing moment.

ghee said...

Hi Ammoontie!

thats true...we dont know the measurement of "enough"..

so,when and where are you moving?
Its reall a new start of your journey and I`m hoping for the best. :)

Good luck!

ammoontie said...

HiMr Cool,
Weather has always had some kind of effect on our moods.
But I'll be coming bcak to a sunny weather I hope..!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ghee,
I'll be moving in a month's time...
and I am looking forward to the change..!