Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life ...

February 1st 2007

Two years ago around this time our colleague passed away due to a brain haemorrhage. I remember visiting him in the hospital, he was in a coma and the doctor said that he was only waiting for his time.
It was really sad to see him lying unconcious on the bed and thinking that at any moment he would draw his last breath.
I remember him as a nice and quiet guy and could still recall the last few days with him in the office. Little did we know, in a couple days he would be gone.
Life is so fragile and we will never know what to expect. Or whose turn would be next.

Someone told me to not to harbour any bitter feelings about anyone or anything. For it would only consumed our life and dissipate our energy.
But we are just ordinary human, we cannot run from feeling sad, upset, angry or being in that "killing mode".

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