Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Falling Down Is Not Defeat ...

February 7th 2007

Falling down is not defeat...defeat is when you refuse to get up...

Spent an evening yesterday in the souq area. My first stop was the Batelco office. Havent been there for sometime, When I reached the top of the escalator I was greeted by a brand new Batelco office. Cool. Nice counter. Nice display area for the phones. Took me a while to find the place to take the queque number. That is bad planning. Saw quite a number of customers waiting. Took my number, looking around I couldnt find any seats, there were a few being occupied by plastic shopping bags ! So we had to stand around. Many nice and beautiful customer service counters but only two with a customer service officer ! One is taking his time to service a client and the other is too busy chatting on his mobile phone !
So I am wondering why they build so many counters when they only use two..and only one is serving a customer !
Feeling frustrated by the scene...we left. Perhaps we should go to another branch.

Anyway the souq was not very crowded and most of the places are being cordoned off for the renovation works.
Oh boy...I am gonna miss this place very much ! The place that I have grown so fond of and fell in love.
Somehow a 'goodbye' is often very hard to say.
But I had to leave. And leave I must.

I fell down. Fall out of favour.Humbled. But we do what we have to do. Get up, get your chin up high, although your heart is broken into a thousand pieces.


Teep-Ex said...

Did I miss out on your previous postings? You're leaving? Where to?

ammoontie said...

hi Teep,
I'm coming home...

Shionge said...

Going home to Msia or Spore? Yes....falling own is not defeat my dear fren, well said!