Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yesterday's musings ...

February 22nd 2007

The morning started well... promising a sunny day...tea and all.
Got confirmation of my flight ticket. And this is the amusing part.
From the admin:
" I have to confirm with you, according to the company policy we can only issue you a ticket based on the cheapest flight. I have booked you on Kuwait Airways since it is the cheapest, and if you would like to fly QR or EK then you have to top up the difference !"
The date for KU was a day earlier so it is not convenient, so I had to settle for QR, as the next best option as per the itenary. With that I had to top up BD48.
Moral of the story:
1) When they need your service they would get you the first flight out of your home country. Visas arranged and they dont bother much if the ticket is higher in price.
2) When they dont need you, you have to leave via the cheapest flight home.

And then I asked, will you also be charging me to send my cargo boxes to the cargo depot at the airport ?
She said..." Oh no... I will make arrangement for that "

Looking back, now I understand and relate to the bitterness felt by all those that had resigned or just left without resigning. There were a couple of guys who defected to London and Europe while doing some projects there. Smart guys.
A lady who forged a signature and ran away with a large sum of money.
A lady who used the company facilities for her own benefits.
And others who went for vacations and never returned ( at least they dont have to top up the air fares ! )
There was not a soul who left with a happy heart.
Oh..happy days..oh..happy days..!

And towards the afternoon, a friend came, gave me a hug and crackled my ribs!
Some people never know their own strength, on "fragile" people like me...And the doctor said, it will take a couple weeks forthe pain to go.
Meantime I had to bear the inconvenience..! What a life..!


Anonymous said...

My two cents worth.... we all share your melancholy.
It sounded like you have had a bad deal here. What kind of employer is that, treating an outgoing staff in such a cheapskate way and to book you on the cheapest flight out, on your way home. It won't hurt if they show some gratitude. The difference they are quibbling about is so small, less than BD50!

In my opinion, you pay the different of BD48 and don’t level down with those people
Who stoop so low and they are obviously not the same level with you. You have to show them some ‘class’ and panache and don’t argue with them. You have to go away like a lady with ‘class’ and dignity and show them, as an individual you can effort that sum of money. Always keep your standard and your pride like the time you joined them.

Judging by their reaction, they really don’t need you anymore. By the way, have you signed any contract with them when you accepted the assignment for going to Bahrain.
And if there was any clause in the contract that says that you have to send all your personal belonging on your own expenses after you finish your duties/when you resigned or going home.
Knowing that you are not in good term with your employer, make sure you get them to write a ‘Letter of Reference' saying that you have been a hardworking person, have an excellent communication skill, managing project, self-starter, pro-active blah, blah, blah.. This is good when you want to get another job and you don’t have to contact them for a Reference anymore. You have been doing the right thing, by not emulating those colleagues who left with undignified way!!! You don’t want to do that, do you?

About the ribs, what was going on? At first I thought it was a joke. Did the person really hug you that hard and crackled your ribs? I don’t know what to say except to accept it as
an accident. Otherwise, you can blame it on luck. Your luck is running out!! Get out from there ASAP!!

ammoontie said...

Hi anon,
Yes I guess my luck is running out, and draining fast. It was really unintentional, this person just wanted to hug and hold me tight, before I leave. A very good friend and one that is very helpful. The doctor gave me 'melox' it is a non-steroidal anti inflammatory drug, to reduce the inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles. Insyaalah I would be better in time. Luckily my packing is almost done. I'll get some help with the packing.

In my letter of appointment,there was no clause to say that they will pay for the excess baggage. They expect you to carry only the max 32kg allowed by the airlines, other than that you are on your own. I am not crying over spilled milk, since I am looking forward to a better future... hopefully.
So, it is just another episode in my life. I am more convinced now that, leaving this place is the right step to take.
I have been shortchanged on some occassions and each time I said to myself, I will not become poor because of this, Insyaallah I will get more in returns from somewhere else.

Shionge said...

Ammoontie I hope that after this experience you would be a toughter & stronger person.

Yes..look for a brighter future back home and with your experience're a good catch :D

Have a safe flight home dear pal.

eastcoastlife said...

I totally agree with anonymous' comment. Get out of there fast.

How are you dear? Oh gosh, you must be skinny, or else how to crack your rib like that? Get better soon and have a safe trip home.


ammoontie said...

hi Shionge,
Thank you. I have been through a lot of life's ups and downs. I may be rambling and ranting now..but in time to come I will probably look back and smile. Yes true, all these will teach us to be tougher or at least more aware of the nasty office politics and not get burnt again.

ammoontie said...

hi eastcoastlife,
Thank you.
In a few more days I'll be out of here for good. I dont regret leaving, but I regret the double standards thats being practiced here.

Blayde said...

What a sorry bunch of people they are, i feel for you.

ammoontie said...

hi blayde,
This is the typical woes of most workers here. Some are not able to complain and have to endure the situation. Those who had a choice had left earlier.