Saturday, February 10, 2007

Five Things

February 10th 2007

Still Breathing tagged Munther... and Munther tagged me...
So here goes...the Five things that bloggers dont know about me...

1) I like to use gents perfumes/edt. I cant stand the overly sweet smell of ladies perfumes.
My current favourites are Boss, Armani and Beyond Paradise.

2) If murder is not a crime ...I would have murdered some double headed snakes... just kidding..ok..I am not that cruel !

3) Dreams that have kept me going ...That motivates me. Dreams pacify my stressful days.
Dreams and hopes are all that I have.

4) Most of my good intentions are always being misunderstood...and that makes me feel sad.
I often asked myself... is my English that bad...or you are ignorant...
One thing for sure..never argue with idiots.

5) Those people who do not know me..often think that I am a very quiet person.
They are actually right..!!!

There are many more ... but Munther asked for only five !


Anonymous said...

Those five things about you are wonderful except the first one. I know that you are a smart and intelligent person. You have personality and character. Keep it up and you can pickup your life where you left it.
Take the challenge, and never give up.
Do not give excuse to those idiots otherwise, they will continue being idiots.

ammoontie said...

hi anon,
Thanks for your encouraging words.
I promised to pick up my life again and start anew.
Those idiots will forever be idiots.