Saturday, February 03, 2007

Its the day

February 3rd 2007

Its the day when I handed over my letter. To be in a R.O.D mode is just a wonderful feeling. Not that I shun responsibility, but the stress is very much less.
I can now concentrate on my packing and tying up few loose ends, like change of address, forwarding my mails etc.
Actually I hate packing and unpacking but I have to do it. But packing is better than sitting in the office next to the CID.
I do have some mixed feelings, I will miss the country but I would very glad to be away from the office and certain people.
I need to clear my larder with all the food supplies too.Looks like there will be some SP cooking session on the way.


Ali said...

what's ROD ??
and whats CID??!?!?!

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ammoontie said...

Hi ali,
R.O.D is Relieved Of Duty _ that means when you resigned, you hand over all your jobs to someone else. So you are free..!
Basically C.I.D is Criminal Investigation Department. They are plain clothes police.
Well..she was acting line one...anyway !

Anonymous said...

That's ashame, you resigned from your job after all your hardwork. You let them win stage a coup on you. Probably, being away from home make you vulnerable.
You probably have enough experience to work for yourself, you can be a consultant. If you have loyal friends left who are believing in you you can tell them what are your plans after giving your R.O.D. I trully wish you all the success in the future.
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