Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dont be sad ...

February 11th 2007

When you are successful your well wishers know who you are, when you are unsuccessful you know who your well wishers are...

Like when you have a limo, everybody wants to ride with you, but when your limo breaks down... who will take the bus with you..?

This has been proven times and again and again.

Sad but true. You will realised it when people forgot to invite you to their functions. You only hear about it. You feel a bit awkward but dont be sad.
You wont miss the world if you were not invited to their dinner parties.

But the message has been sent quite clearly. You dont belong anymore.
Your time and popularity has run out. As your luck has run out.

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree

Sounds familliar ?

Dont be sad... just be grateful and enjoy what you have at the moment...


Shionge said...

That is the reason why you see true friendship during adversity.

Don't feel sad nor sorry coz this gives us an opportunity to see the true colours of others.

You have us right? :D

Cheer up Pal!

ammoontie said...

hi Shionge,
yes..I am glad that I have my blogger friends here.

Anonymous said...

That's life, people only want to connect to those who are connected. If you have no position you will realise that your phone will stop ringing. But if you know the rule, you can just ignore it, don't give yourself a hard-time. Enjoy the sailing. You can never know, you might be lucky and something positive might happen.
Keep sailing and think about Robinson Crusoe

ammoontie said...

Hi anon,
Yes, I have realised that they only know you when they need you.
Slowly but surely this will be a step forward in the right direction and sailing away will be good for me.