Sunday, February 04, 2007

Double Standards

February 4th 2007

Why is double standards being practiced everywhere ?
The manager can make mistakes and they keep both eyes closed.
The assistants, if they make a slight mistake even through no faults of theirs, would have to face the consequences.
The assistants, are being monitored of every move, every word they type, every conversation and every other things under the sun and the moon.

Solution:Dont be an assistant, its not really cosy chair, better be the Manager.
And if you still have to be an assistant, better get into the Manager's good book and never ever make any mistakes. Not even a tiny atom size of mistake.

I thought:When you work in a team, everyone should help and support each other so that the end result would be a success.
And not trying to blame or picking on someone.

I observed:If they like you, they can ignore your mistakes. Even it is the size of an elephant. They are blind and the elephant is see through.
If they formed an opinion or a first impression on you, the opinion stays.
If you are related to someone whom they want to do business with, then your job is secured. Its who you know.

The double standard ?

It is the survival of the fittest.
If you can manage to reach for the sun, maybe you can survive, unless of course someone jig-sawed your trunk. You will still kaboom !!!


Faith is all that we have left.
Have faith in yourself and have faith in GOD.
GOD will not let you down as long as you remember Him and keep him close to your heart.


Shionge said...

It is ever so true in the corporate world. Sometimes it is not what we know but who we know.

Stay strong my dear pal!

ammoontie said...

Hi Shionge,
I do agree with you, it is always.."who you know"..or "who you are related to"...