Thursday, June 29, 2006

A day in Qatar

In Qatar again.

Trips to Qatar is always tiring.As usual we take the first flight out and last one in. Had to wake up at 4.30am to get ready for the airport.We arrived at 8am and since we had some time to spare we went fo breakfast at Movenpick. Then we went to our first appointment and then we went to the museum to do some researh.First to Qatar National Museum, then on to The Weaponry Museum.The visits are by appointments only. There is a very extensive range of collections housed in three double storey villas and still more in their storage.It is an impressive collection and most of them are antiques.Cannons, swords, guns and rifles, spears, bows and arrows, knives and armours. I cant imagine how one can wear those heavy armours. Or it goes to show that those guys in the olden days are much stronger and fit. After the museum, we had another appointment before we went for lunch at the Doha Club. The restaurant is on the second floor and so the guys had some good opportunity to look at the girls swimming in the pool. We had a nice spread of mezzeh and grilled seafood and lambs.Actually the mezzeh can be a meal on its own.After lunch we dropped by at the exhibition hall to check on the build up and we had a couple of hours to kill so we stop over at cityCenter. I like it here since I can go to my favourite shop, Mikyajy. Got some scented candles from Homecenter too.Then somebody wanted to watch the world cup telecast, so on to the Rydges. When we got there the match has already started and it was packed with the English supporters. It was a game between England and Equador. I only know the no 7jersey , Beckham. Not really my favourite place to be, I hate the smokey atmosphere, and I am drowned in the crowd and tall guys.Good game I supposed, sinced England won the match 1-0.Match over and we had to rush to the airport to catch the flight back home. It was so crowded, but luckily we had checked in earlier for to and fro. Our lucky evening, since we were upgraded to bussiness class. One of the guy said..." at least I could get to drink the orange juice from a glass" He had complained earlier of not enough leg room for his long legs and the uncomfortable seats.And lately we all been having neck ache, since he is so tall. He joked about it and tell everyone that I am at his waist...!!!
Oh boy... was it a long day ... was so tired when we finally reached home.

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Qatarguest said...

You didn't say much about the Qatar National Museum - we found it a very strange place. Empty rooms, abandoned aquarium - with some huge fish!Not to mention skulls lying abandoned on the florr next to paintbrushes.