Friday, June 09, 2006


June 9th 2006

Yesterday was hectic and hot. The temperature here has been in the forties since past weeks and it will go to fifties soon. And its so humid. Met some clients who came stopped over from Frankfurt on their way home to KL. We had dinner at No 1 house last night. He prepared steamboat and and it was a really good choice. The guests enjoyed themselves playing "masak masak". The seafoods were fresh and the steamed hamour was superb.Desserts were fresh fruits... plums,mangoes,persimmons, watermelons...lychees...and sweetdumplings...!!
Everyone were saying that steamboat is a healthy way of eating, which is true in a way. But it seems that we tend to overeat, so its the quantity now...We didnt realised that we ate so much of the seafoods, salads, noodles and fruits.

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Butrus-Kefah-Myriam said...

Selamat pagi Ammoontie!

Saya orang Perancis dan saya menyukai semua pembudiyaan yang Malaya pembudiyaan.