Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Birthday "O"

June 22nd 2006

We had dinner last night to celebrate a collegue's birthday.
The theme was a "singapore food nite" and we had so much fun and ease away a bit of the homesickness. Feels like home but not quite home.
There was chicken rendang, nasi impit, sambal tumis sotong, chicken curry, fish, prawns fritters, and prawn noddles and char kway teow. We forgot all about vege..!!
For dessert we had trifles and fresh fruits.
Since the birthday boy didnt like sweet sambal, so I had to make it extra hot, and the "guys" who couldnt take spicy food, were brave enough to try their luck. Their faces became so red and wish they had A/C built in in their body...!!
The birthday cake was marvellous, its ice cream coffee cake.You need to push aside the toppings since it was too sweet. Wish I could make such nice cakes. But my trifles received a good review, so its not too bad, since its a last minute effort.
I was so tired from moving to a new place that I had to go home early.Got home just in time to see the " so you think you can dance". Its so wonderful to see those guys dance and I particulary like the lyrical jazz. It was beautifully choreographed and the dancers were very good as well. Looking forward to see the final competition.

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