Saturday, April 19, 2008

Its been a while.

Its been a while since I was able to write anything here. I kept telling myself that I would write something today, but I end up curling on my bed with my new room mate...a Siamese cat. My nephew picked her up from her temporary home (under the lorry) where she has spent four days wondering about. Apparently her previous owner abandoned her or she ran away from home. We never knew. But it is our gain actually since she is a lovely cat and so sweet too.
Apart from that, my herbal patch is coming up nicely, plus the grass has become thicker and greener due to the almost daily rainfall. Good and bad. I dont need to water the plants much. But the grass is thriving better than the flowers and plants.
The seasonal fruit trees are flowering now, soon bearing fruits; Its going to be that time of the year again.
A good friend will be flying to Dubai on sunday, to start on his new job. Lucky fella. Looks like the job market is so good in Dubai now. Everyone seems to be heading there.
I am still stuck here,procastinating things.

Ah well..theres a huge basket of fresh ripe tomatoes in the kitchen which my neice brought home, I should be thinking of what to do with them.


Zaidin said...

I have come to visit you, here
after you have visited me
I have come to smell the roses
after the rainfall
I have come to touch the soft grass
planted in your garden
to feel the tender heart beat
after long years of dissapearance
with hopes and wishes
we can hold hands again
and together walk along the path
that we have been before.

Anonymous said...

I came to visit you here
after you have visited me,
I came to smell sweet roses
after midnight rainfall,
I came to touch soft grasses
planted in your garden,
to feel the heart beat
to hear your voice
are they still the same as before?

Ammoontie said...

Zaidin/anonymous ...
Thanks for visiting, it is especially nice getting in touch again after all the long yeras of silence. Not much has change, I am still my old self that you used to know ...

Shionge said...

Hey my pal..thanks for the update and yes sometimes blogging spirit just gets in the way so just take your time ya.