Saturday, January 27, 2007

If I could ...

January 27th 2007

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend. A spiritual guy who reminded me that all that we have is from God, and no one have the right to take anything away from us.
I was wishing that I had a magic wand. If only... I can wave the wand and make a wish...
" You... who harbours wicked thoughts and suppressing the others...shall go away ..."
He was shocked... you want to make them go away ?
What do you mean by "go away" ?
"oh...sensing that he thought I am as wicked... I said..go away means... just stay away from my not bother me again"

Only God May send down His rewards, good or shall be rewarded fairly.

Could this be another turning point in my life ?
Perhaps God sent her to cross my path, just to make me realise, there is more to life... that it is time to move on.

Perhaps I should give it more thoughts. As long as God gives you the gift of "life"... God will provide for you. Remember Him and keep Him near to your heart always.

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