Monday, January 29, 2007

Be Optimistic

January 29th 2007

Today is a public holiday here, but we have to work since there are a lot of works to be completed in a week's time. Stress for everyone to meet the deadline and to deliever in a week's time. Another long weekend burnt.

Todays discovery...

A coversation with a colleague this morning.
" How are you miss... ? "
" Not good...just not good"
" You should be more optimistic la...dont say not good all the time "

This is something which I need to fight with my inner strength. Not to give up just because someone has "marked" you and doing her best to belittle and oust you.
It is better to have fought and lost rather than give up and let her win.

Yesterday someone resigned and left. Today someone else will leave.
The turnover rate is high. Hope the management will open up their eyes and identify the reasons for people leaving at such frequent rate. They should not be blinded and listen to only one side of the story. Putting the blame on someone is easy, practising "Taichi" is even easier. The CID is a blackbelt holder and Taichi Expert !

So..hang in there my friend ! The road is never smooth. Keep trodding and we shall reach our destination and goal. Ride the bumps. Enjoy the view. Keep looking behind your shoulder. The boomerang will return to the sender...!


Teep-Ex said...

I know how it feels. I'm facing with one myself. True, it's better to have fought and lost rather than give up even if it's a losing battle.

بغالة حوشي said...

alla ey 3enk bro

ammoontie said...

Hi Teep,
We gotta fight it. Even if it is a losing battle, at least we make known whats happening around us. Stand up for the truth.

GraY FoX said...

hey Amoontie
that's it
you got the point of it all
that's life , a bumpy ugly hard road , with a nice view on the sides,
and you choose where to look and where to go :)

Dalicia said...

hi ammoontie,

it happens at my workplace too! i hope our new supervisor that they plan to replace will be a good one!!!

fight hard girl ...

ammoontie said...

hi GrayFox,
The road is certainly rough and bumpy...

ammoontie said...

hi Dalicia,
I am trying hard to fight it to stay afloat.