Monday, January 22, 2007

My name is Tanya for a week !

January 22nd 2007

After 4 days in the hall daily from 8am till midnight, I finally am back in the office again. It went about without much bad incidents but enough to make me think...what am doing here, why should I endure this kind of stress..?
Is it worth it ?

The grumpy old gentleman.
He came to inspect his stand and deliver the graphics. He told me that he had left the graphic box near the entrance and someone need to collect and bring it in. So I walked with him to the main entrance, saw the box..! he told me that he couldnt carry the box, for fear it might dirty his blazer. I glanced at his beige vain !
I then picked up the box and try to carry it alone ( its not that heavy ) I guess he felt bad or embarrassed, so he offered to help me carry the box by holding on to the other end. After giving me "strict" instructions, he left. I told him to come back the next day after 1pm, by then his stand should be fully complete. He came around 4pm the next day with lots of stuff to fill up the fridge. He opened up the boxes and gave me a a few souvenier items..! Not bad for a grumpy old man. He keeps calling me "Tanya"..eventhough I told him my real name.
And he still thinks that my name is "Tanya"...until today..!
Ah is for a week.


Teep-Ex said...

Hey Tanya! Not bad a name in case you needed an alter ego. hahaha..

Shionge said...

Hello are you Tanya :D
Nice to know you Tanya.
You are so kind Tanya :D

amoontie said...

hi Teep,
Yalah...not bad..jadi Tanya sekejap.

ammoontie said...

hi shionge,
When I saw him today..he still call me Tanya and introduced me as "Tanya" to the others.