Sunday, January 07, 2007

Autumn Fair is here again

January 7th 2007

Autumn Fair is in town again. It is crowded as usual and still with the same stuff. There is no attraction like a few years back when we had the acrobatic team performing here.
But the stall selling leather jackets and comforters are making brisk business, probaly due to the cold weather in Bahrain right now.
There is one small stand that is worth mentioning, of local talents displaying their creative crafts and handmade jewellery.
I bought a few pieces on the opening day and had been visiting her stall daily.
If anyone feels like having a day out to get caught in the traffic and like a crowded hall... please feel welcome to Autumn Fair !

Some of her paintings on display

Her beautiful handmade jewellery, one of a kind.
And she calls it "junk jewellery "

The artist and designer at their booth

Lightings and chandelliers from Egypt

The ice cream man !


Teep-Ex said...

Hey Ammoontie. I guess for us here in M'sia, fairs like that are pretty interesting. Are the prices any good?

Dalicia said...

how was the ice-cream? interesting :)

Cool Insider said...

Looks pretty interesting but where is this again? Oh I just found out from an earlier commenter that it's in Malaysia. Must go and see one day - which state ah?

ammoontie said...

hi Teep,
It is interesting and attract huge crowd usually. The prices are quite cheap, in this kind of fair, the stuff you bought if it can last for year..then you are lucky !

ammoontie said...

hi dalicia,
The ice cream is delicious, the guy would thump the ingredients in the special bin and turn it into ice cream, and they serve it with lots of pistachios...yummy !

ammoontie said...

hi Walter,
It is interesting, like pasar malam.
By the way the show is in Bahrain.
Welcome for a visit here...!

dangkin said...

do they have mango flavored ice cream? hmmm.. ;)

Shionge said...

Hiya Ammoontie, nice shots and look at those paintings, beautiful.

ammoontie said...

Hi dangkin,
I'll check out the flavours today... gotta see Sinbad !

ammoontie said...

hi shionge,
I love the handmade jewellery, and I have been buying from her almost on a daily basis !

GraY FoX said...

nice photos
ad by the way
the ice cream man belongs to damascus i guess :)

SomeGuyFromPlanet said...

junk jewellery???? Are they made of junks ? If they are, they're surely amazing junks! lol.

And the lightings and chandelliers from Egypt are sooooooooooo damn great! They must be very very expensive!