Thursday, September 06, 2007

"No One is perfect. I am No One."

Someone really said that ...

I have met a lot of conceited people in my life and in most occasions they turned me off. I just could not stand conceited people.They got on my nerves. But my former boss thought they are brilliant. To him these are 'go-getters' and highly confident.
I dont mind if they are really good in what they are doing. They seemed to have found their own opinion and think highly of themselves and their works.I met one designer who is really good and highly creative and his clients would listen to every word he says. He has found a niche for himself and creating a name that is synonymous with "success"
At the same time I have met a lot of designers who think that their work is great but it is actually not. It is how people perceived your work and how clients look at them. But is always subjective. One man's meat can be someone else's poison.
Still..there is no reason to show off, most of you have yet a long way off and far from being that "perfect"

So ...When No One is Perfect and you being the No One...then you are just a No One. You are just a nobody.

2 comments: said...

theres no point in showing off, no matter how good you are. if you were really great at something, your work would show itself. its better to be humble, the world looks better at you that way, after all.

Ammoontie said...

Hi ammar,
Its that 'ego' thing ... although we all knew "they" werent up to that level yet. Anyway thats their character...we just forced a smile and try to be civil about it.