Saturday, March 14, 2009

Getting In Touch Again

A few days ago, I finally made it to the phone and call on an old friend,and a former schoolmate. It was a welcome surprise to both of us and had a lot of catching ups to do. How time has passed us and lots of things had gone by. Through her I managed to hear some good news, happy news and sad news as well. Good and happy news to learn that everyone in our batch had done well for themselves and making a niche in the corporate world, both in Malaysia and overseas. But sadly and shocking to know that some good friends had passed away and at such a young age.
That phone call was like magic, that supplied me with the latest info and a ticket to join their online groups. Its so nice to be able to trace your friends from school days time. Reminds me of the movie "To Sir With Love". Reminiscing of all the good times that we had in our boarding school. That was the best part of my life.

I asked her if theres still anybody "single" amongst us, she said YES ! Gee so I am not alone like a freak, not having a "Director" or somebody with a tittle as a hubby.

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