Wednesday, September 09, 2009


19th day of Ramadhan is here. Another 10 days to go before Eid. Today we made cookies and jam tarts. The joyous mood of Eid is here, with all the raya songs playing in the background. There was a special feast at the mosque tonight. Weather has not been too kind, been raining almost daily. That hinders my gardening in the mornings. During ramadhan all our schedules changed, can only work in the garden in the morning when it is not hot.

This Ramadhan two of my former school mates lost their beloved husbands, one last week and another a couple of days ago. Although I havent met them since we left school, I feel the sadness. Life is so never know.

Hoping that the days to come would bring more pleasant news, I needed some cheering up.

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