Thursday, September 17, 2009

27th day of Ramadhan

The last few days of Ramadhan always is busy as usual with all the last minute preparations. Schools off starting tomorrow till the next next monday. That also means more hectic, headaches, high blood and fainting spells in between. God, Please give me the strength and courage, patience and ability to smile,grin and bear it with dignity. I need them to stay alive.
Yesterday was a marathon day from morning till night. Making cookies, cooking for iftar and the traditional 'dodol'. That took about 6 to 7 hours stirring the mixture till it cooks and thickens in the 'kawah' ( big kwali ) But all the efforts were worth it. By night time, after all the washings and packing were done, we needed panadol extend just to stand straight !
This season only comes only once a year, thus we are ready and looking forward to it, the Blessings, the joy, the fun and all the hard works.
Tonight we light up the oil lamps in the garden in front of the house and kids were ( are ) having a good time.
I could only watch them from my window while trying to finish my sewings for the Eid.

This is the time for children to have fun and the adults having the headaches. In trying to observe the joyous occassion while making the balance sheets works.
Still lots of stuff to be done, before the eve. Thanks to ecards, which I could end to friends. Still theres the green packets waiting to be filled up.

I need my pretty sleep before syahur tomorrow morning. Good nite !

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