Friday, May 01, 2009

First of May

First of May always had been a day with sweet thoughts for me. An old movie and the song by Bee Gees always brings back memories.
But today time has changed. Many things had passed us by. Just another day to be observed. Looking at things and trying to understand all the "why" which I sometimes failed to understand whats in their thoughts.
A lady who is a close relative,having a not so responsible husband, struggling to make ends meet and bringing up four kids is not an easy task. I still wonder why there are guys who take things easy and dont bother about bringing up their kids the proper way.
Or maybe we have been "being there for them" all the time, so much so they are taking things for granted.
On this first of May, I wish that he would grow up and take responsibilities to be a good husband a father and having some respect where they are due.


Zaidin said...

True, time has passed us so fast. Gone were the days we used to enjoy life. Now we are looking back the past times with memories. How nice to be young again. But most of the times what we wished never happened.

Ammoontie said...

Oh yes, gone were the good old days. And what we wished for sometimes never materialised, but what we have for now might be the best for us. Who knows. Enjoy what you have.