Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan Kareem

They were sighting the moon this evening to determine when would Ramadhan starts. As always it is exciting to wait for the announcement on tv. The "Penyimpan Mohor Raja Raja Melayu" only appears twice a year on tv to announce the Ramadhan and Eid. Although we all had thought that it will starts on saturday. Kids were ..oohh and aahhs since they have to attend school another day.

Got in touch with a few old friends today just to catch up on some news. And unfortunately one of them is down with H1N1. She is recovering well and I do hope and pray for her good health. She shared with me a couple of tips to combat the H1N1 first it is green apples, just eat it raw or blend it. Second is dates soaked in coconut juice. And of course drink plenty of warm water.
Stay healthy and stay away from crowded placed.
Ramadhan Kareem !


dilaOHdila said...

salam Neksu................
alahai rindunya aku wei
masyaallah......! tercari cari selama ni neksu kat mana. Ingat lagi pada dilla, aduhai syahdunya. Miss u so mUch, neksu. Apa kabar? kat sana lagi ke neksu?

Ammoontie said...

So nice to see you here. Dah lama kita tak chat. Tapi neksu selalu baca blog Dila.