Monday, July 09, 2007

Auspicious date ... contd.

This is a continuation of my previous post ... talking about auspicious dates ...beautiful numbers ... one to be remembered.
A lot of people took the special date of 7th july 2007 to hold their wedding, one even go a step further by giving a dowry of 77,777.77
I thought it was a special date too, it really sound nice and 7 is my lucky number. Unfortunately I had no wedding to hold on such a special date..!
So the day with the special date went by just like any other day of the year.

Which reminded me of another special date way back in 1999. I was supposed to meet someone supposedly special for the first time. And it was disasterous. Not just one thing went wrong ... infact everything went wrong..!
I was hoping to relate the special meeting on such a nice date. But it was not meant to be.

I always have a soft spot for special dates or days ... that coincides with something nice. But in the end ... it was not the dates that matter. Any day
or date is as good as another. Each day is supposed to be taken as a Blessing.
Thankful that we are still alive to continue with our lives. Finishing of where we left off yesterday. Be glad that we are given another chance to repent or do more good deeds.

I guess I have mellowed since then. Sometimes I even forgot what day or date it was, waking up in the morning wondering what day it was. As long as there is a hot cup of tea waiting for me ... I am pleased.


Shionge said...

Yes...simple pleasures in life :D

Ammar456 said...

its kinda silly how a lot of people try to base everything around a date. i wonder if the hotels etc charge more for booking on a date like this.. hmm... might make the base of a good business idea

ammoontie said...

hi shionge,
lets share the tea dear..!

ammoontie said...

Hi ammar,
yes it sounds silly, but some people just got carried away...
after all it is just a date...!